Liz Lately #23

One of these posts is a month overdue, no?

Let’s see…

My cat died

I rushed to Mimi’s (well, she picked me up) the 7th and stayed until the 9th to visit with Todd. I hurried to make my room all nice and stuff (it was a mess due to my organizing) since I’d be coming back a day before the GFAF Expo. He was sick, and she started to get worried that he wasn’t going to get any better. I actually considered skipping the Expo this year due to Todd being sick, if only so I could have more time with him. But I had promised to be there, and the vendors I’ve seen from previous years I would have had to miss out on…and I was expected.

So I just loved on him. He died the 14th, which I didn’t learn until this past Sunday evening, after I asked.

I rearranged my room

The exterminator came on Tuesday, so my stuff was already on my bed and moved quite a bit from the walls. I moved my bookshelf to the other side of my bed (on the left), so I can have the desk from Grandmama’s book room/old office room on the right. Eventually, there will be nothing along the wall my desk is currently againstโ€”at least nothing on the floorโ€”so I will be able to exit my bed and walk to my bed without bumping into something. I’m clumsy and often have bad balance, even more so since my fall in February. I figured having a blank wall would help decrease the random bruises I gain.

I’m still working on my room, but I’ll eventually get there with things. It’s definitely a process.

Visibly seeing a difference is refreshing.

I overworked myself

My ankles have been hurting, because I’ve been on them more. I really shouldn’t have moved my bookshelf all by myself. I’m probably going to be in more pain tomorrow. The sports cream pain-relieving ointment only does so much.

I should have just waited for Grandmama to help me, because she was willing. I only moved it myself because it seemed like I could. Just because I’m capable of doing something on my own doesn’t mean I should.

How have you been lately?

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Comments on this post

Sorry to hear about Todd. It’s always horrible when something like that happens. Hope you’re doing okay with it all.

It’s great that you’re getting your room sorted out. When I was at my parent’s I had so much crammed in there that I could barely walk round. I had my computer desk directly behind the door as well, which was so annoying when anyone wanted to come in. Having some space is always good! Good luck getting the rest of it sorted out!

I’ve been good lately. Work is really busy, so I come home and just want to watch TV and do nothing, but I’m enjoying it!