Sweethearts rejects

It’s February, and my room smells like vanilla and amber, courtesy of my wax warmer, as well as Sweethearts heart candies — of which I’ve already consumed the strawberry-flavored ones from, with the blue raspberry-flavored hearts going missing soon after… and now, the rest of the package is useless to me. I was lucky this time in my draw of Sweethearts candies packages, as there were more than zero pink hearts this time.

Last year, I experimented and bought seven 7oz packages of Sweethearts, and of those, some packages ranged from 0-3 pink hearts, some ranged from 4-5 pink hearts, and one contained a total of 6 pink hearts. The one package I bought this year contained at least 15, and it was so, so lovely.

Not everyone loves the chalky taste of them, but I personally think those that hate the chalky taste of heart candies are buying the really expensive brand, i.e. the one that charges around three bucks for a 7oz package. Dollar Tree sells Sweethearts for $1, and they don’t have that bad of a chalky taste. They’re also pure sugar, so you can easily buy them in bulk and keep them throughout the year… the taste stays the same as months pass by, but the “chalky” taste in them fades over time, and the flavors become more rich. Then again, it’s probably just because I put the remaining Sweethearts in a plastic bag.

The reject flavors of mine are lemon, green apple, and orange; grape is tolerable, but I don’t care for it too much. We still have the Sweethearts from last year, and once I finished sorting through the 49 ounces of candy for what I wanted, there were still about 35 ounces left, so there is a collection of 35 ounces of candy that is pure sugar and consists of all the reject flavors, and somehow, the little kids aren’t the biggest fans of it. o.-

So, I keep wondering if, since it’s pure sugar, the candies could be smashes into a fine powdery substance and used in place of sugar in cupcakes or something.

I haven’t had much care for sweet things lately, though, so I’ve not yet tried it.

Anyways, somehow I went from starting a post about how fast time seems to go by to writing a post all about Sweethearts.

(P.S. I owe Christmas cards to a few people, but there are these things called “stamps”, and I kind of have none at the moment, and I keep forgetting I need to get more. :x)

I’m making Chicken Cordon Bleu tonight, and I really can’t wait, because ugh, it’s my favorite. I need to find someone who finds food as hot as I do.

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