Day of Voxer

What could one super amazing, high-ranking post do for your blog?

Borrow my brain for a day, and I can help you develop an EEAT strategy so you consistently show up in the top five results for your primary and supporting keywords.

Top 5 results list from Google Search Console
This is from ONE post, originally published with just 800 words…no niche.

…and what if you could make more, on repeat?

The gist:

✨ Days go from 9am to 10pm CST, to give you a few hours, regardless of time zone.

✨ We chat about anything related to content creation — clarity/focus, SEO (like helping you find supporting keywords and outlining your post), nicheless blogging, choosing the right platform/software, video editing, etc. I can even review your post before you publish it!

✨ You keep your messages brief (some rambling is OK). Voice + text messages are welcome, though I do ask you refrain from speaking quickly in voice messages (I’m Hard of Hearing). I’ll reply with both, unless I’m currently non-speaking.

✨ I’ll aim to respond quickly, but this isn’t like we’re on an all-day call or conference. The purpose of a Voxer Day is for you to go about your day, and read and respond to messages as you’re able — not be sitting by your phone/computer, waiting for a response.



How to borrow my brain for a day ⬇️

Book your day and pay below. If you need to reschedule, let me know at least 24 hours before your Voxer day. If you can’t find availability, email me and we’ll figure something out.

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(If the form doesn’t show above, here’s a handy link.

What people have said about working with me in the past

Charlise with Solara on her back at the entrance of the GFAF Expo in 2018

Freya has taught me EVERYTHING I know about running websites. It’s good to have someone like her on your team to bounce ideas off of and get you back on track! She helped my nonprofit refocus our efforts to social media, where we make the most change.

Charlise Lee, PTX Diverse