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The perk of having Allergic Liza, an allergy-related blog, was that people wanted to see more food-related posts from me — and food blogs are fun, and what better way, right?

I like foods blogs. I wanted a food blog. I still want one. Others have actually been asking about me having one since I shut allergicliza.me down.

The downside to it was that it was too restricting, because people expected completely allergy-free things, as well as allergy advice and help, all of which I couldn’t give for various reasons. Allergic Liza was, probably, the most annoying project I’ve ever tried, and the chances of me ever doing anything like it again are very much on the not-gonna-happen part of the scale.

If I ate completely allergy-free, I’d have a boring life and would likely be a vegetarian. There would be no seasonings allowed, thus no delicious meals (unless fruits and veggies can somehow become seasonings). Only fruits and veggies that can be peeled would be allowed, with no citrus fruits (too acidic; would affect acid reflux). I wouldn’t be able to have tofu, because it contains allergens. Comfort food would  be pointless to even attempt. I wouldn’t be receiving an adequate amount of nutrition and vitamins due to being allergic to foods that are high in them. Meats, if I ate them, wouldn’t be seasoned.

…and so on and so forth.

Thus, how do I run an allergy-free blog if I don’t eat allergy-free? Or, even if I did, I have recipes that aren’t allergy-free that I might want to share at some point on my FOOD blog that is, unfortunately, allergy-free.

It was too restricted.

So I gave up on it — the idea, the desire, etc. to have a food blog — and was fine with it until Christine made me want one again. So, I’ll have one again, eventually, thus testing out having a food blog again, but this time it will be general.

Until I work up enough stuff to actually get it going, it’ll be here. You can view it via whatlizeats.com.

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Comments on this post

Awww, I’m glad to see you on the food blog sphere again! I love seeing all of your amazing sunbutter recipes. 😀

I’ll definitely check out your new food blog! I’m always looking for new ways to cook things and to try new foods, so it’ll definitely be interesting to read yours.

However, when opening the link in a new tab, it just redirects me to this page? 🙁

The domain is currently set to redirect to the “What Liz Eats” category.

I’ve always been fascinated by food blogs simply because I’m not creative enough to whip up delicious meals. Those that work within the limits are even more respectable, given the added creativity necessary. Take your time with your food blog. I look forward to its development. In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye on your food posts [among other things] here.