1:1 Day

This is a supes experimental service I’m offering as I shift from freelance writing to content consulting. 🧐

You get to borrow my brain for a day and end up feeling better about your blog/content/site. πŸ‘€

Details πŸ‘‡

⌚ When we’ll chat

Days go from 10am to 6pm CST/CDT. You’ll get a few hours with me as we both go about our day.

πŸ€” What we can chat about

We can chat about anything related to blogging and content — clarify/focus, planning, topic research and brainstorming, nicheless blogging, choosing the right tech, etc.

I can even review your post before you publish it or review your website for accessibility and user experience. 🧐

🀨 How a session will go

  • You’ll try to keep your messages brief (some rambling is okay).
  • Voice + text messages are welcome, though I do request you try to speak as clearly as possible because I have auditory processing disorder.
  • I’ll reply using both voice + text, unless you’ve expressed a preference OR I’m non-speaking at the time.
  • I’ll aim to respond quickly, but this isn’t like an all-day call or conference.

The purpose of a remote 1:1 Day with me is for you to go about your day, and read and respond as you’re able to — not sit by your phone/computer waiting for a response.

I’ll be doing the same.

🀳 Where

There are a few options for where we can meet to chat 1:1. All allow app and desktop access:

  • Discord: An instant messaging app with text + voice options
  • Messenger (Facebook): An instant messaging app with text + voice options
  • Voxer: A free walkie-talkie app.

If none of these work, I also allow for Instagram DMs, as voice and text are also welcome there. This isn’t ideal, but it’s a workaround if you don’t have the other apps. πŸ˜‰

πŸ’² Price:


How to borrow my brain for a day ⬇

Book your day and pay below. If you need to reschedule, let me know at least 24 hours before your 1:1 Day. If you can’t find availability, email me and we’ll figure something out.

What others have said πŸ“£

“Freya J. helped me look at blogging in a new way. I started in a really competitive niche, anonymously, and had everything set up right, but it wasn’t working. She helped me ‘glue’ everything together so there is more cohesiveness among all of my content, rather than having a lot of strays.

~ Anonymous (shared with permission)

“Our site was really messy, where we kept adding things to pages without really thinking about it, and then we were left with a lot and didn’t know what to do about it.

“Freya J.’s site review walked us through exactly what our audience might be thinking and feeling…and helped us figure out what we wanted for a redesign.”

~ Anonymous site owners of a popular mom blog (shared with permission)

“Freya J. has taught me EVERYTHING I know about running websites. It’s good to have someone like her on your team to bounce ideas off of and get you back on track! She helped my nonprofit refocus our efforts to social media, where we make the most change.”

~ Charlise Lee, my cousin (didn’t pay; gave me a testimonial to use here πŸ˜…)