👋 Hi, I'm Freya J.

Mostly. On my blog, I share about my life as an autistic person with dissociative identity disorder (DID). Topics here are dependent on my current life goings-on and special interests. It’s messy, weird and wild.

Hand on side of face, glasses on head, looking up diagonallyI’m the lesbian cat mom with slip-on Vans, oversized graphic tees, and shorts no longer than my fingertips that has people wondering if I’m even wearing shorts. 👀

I make tea from water heated in a kettle and scent my space with wax melts (I’m scared of catching the place on fire with candles).

I’m recovering from atypical anorexia nervosa (AAN), which is at least 2-3x as common than typical anorexia nervosa. This means I have all the symptoms of anorexia, except the stereotypical underweight trait.

My friends call me a “badass blogger” and sassy.

I think I’m sour 🍋, salty 🧜‍♀️ & sassy 💅 — and those are my three main moods.

Tortico cat sleeping on winter comforter under a colorful (flat) cat bed
Galaxy, my 💘🤟

I’ve learned that, sometimes, you have to stand on your own so you can live your truth, even if means letting go of people you didn’t realize were pineapple people. 🍍

My top played artists in Amazon Music: Blackpink, ITZY, Taylor Swift, TWICE + Vivaldi, Renaldi & Pachelbel~

I might be a bit too sparkling heart emoji for you, and that’s okay — go find less. 🙂✨

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About Lemon & Lively

Lemon & Lively™ feels like a play on words and a pun on lemon and lime. This blog has had many names, as have I, due to DID. 👀

My system and I needed a blog name that was versatile enough to accommodate DID, rather than one centering around one specific alter.

In a way, this blog becomes a partial alternate identity within my system (and not in a way that non-systems can comprehend without fully comprehending DID systems). I don’t have the vocabulary to articulate this yet.

We started blogging in the early 2000s, but the post archive here only goes back to 2010. Veteran bloggers know us from our webhosting days. However, that is a time we prefer not to think about.

Other domains pointing here:


Fonts used are Cute Oscars and Fibon Sans. I am slowly working to replace every stock photo with my own photos/art.

Guide to writing about me + this site

  • I’m an autistic person, not a “person with autism” or “person on the autism spectrum”.
  • I’m disabled, not “differently abled”.
  • You may NOT use my (dis)abilities to shame able-bodied people.
  • have DID and am a DID system. I do not have “multiple personality disorder”. DID isn’t a personality disorder.
  • My DID system’s name is the Mermaid System. Our pronouns are they/them.
  • Acceptable singular pronouns are she/her/they/them, unless you are provided with otherwise from the system.
  • Site name is “Lemon & Lively”, not “Lemon and Lively”.

Citing my posts

MLA: Lively, Freya Jane. “Post Title.” Lemon & Lively. Day Month Year of post. Web. Day Month Year of retrieval.

APA: Lively, F. J. (Year Month Day of post.) Post Title. [Web log post]. Retrieved from https://lemonandlively.com/post-specific-URL/.