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Content Creation

😎 Boss Blogger HQ (free Notion template)

Screenshot of Boss Blogger HQ

This is how I manage my content + multiple blogs (I have three). I used to maintain a stack of notebooks. 👀

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🍑 Peachy Presentations ($24 training)

light pink background with five brush stroke-looking lines; 4 have white text. The top is gold and says "accessible", under which is orange and "punchy", under which is a light pink stroke with peach leaves slightly atop it from the dark orange stroke beneath that says "peachy", under which is a darker red/orange/brown shade that says "presentations" Wanna make presentations that pack a punch?

I’ll teach you how to make presentations
✅ accessible + memorable
✅ cover what you promised

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Autistic Burnout Journal/Workbook (free)

"AUTISTIC BURNOUT JOURNAL by Lemon & Lively" with a black outline open notebook illustration with six stars coming out + light pink background and darker pink top and bottom borders

Journal prompts + unmasking exercises. Google Docs.

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DID emails (free)

Occasionally, I email about dissociative identity disorder (DID) specifically — like once a week or fortnight, maybe once a month. 💁‍♀️

It’s a super casual, chill side newsletter about my system, life with DID and soft education about systems in general.

While this is meant to be a complimentary newsletter to my current subscribers who want to hear from me about DID, too, you can also subscribe to this alone. ✨

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title: "horrible people" subtitle: "and yet so beautiful" byline: "by @lemonandlively" atop a slightly transparent wavy, white grid atop a gradient-like rainbow background (looks more artsy & soft than a hard gradient)

Serialized fictional story about horrible, beautiful people and their messy lives.

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