Freya J. Lively is available for bundles, interviews and speaking opportunities.

Freya J. is not interested in being featured in gender-centric events or lists at this time.

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Topics of interest:

  • Autism, anorexia and ARFID
  • Autistic burnout
  • Creating neurodivergent-friendly, inclusive environments
  • Digital entrepreneurship as a neurodivergent person
  • Dissociative identity disorder
  • Domestic violence and family estrangement
  • Nicheless blogging
  • Web accessibility

I’m interested in participating in bundles and summits, provided they don’t focus on any one religion or spirituality.

I prefer to contribute to free B2B bundles, but will occasionally consider B2C bundles pertaining to neurodiversity or general lifestyle content as well.

Please give me ample time to prepare, since I schedule my marketing 2-3 months in advance.

I may contribute an existing resource or create one that directly aligns with the bundle.

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