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Hello, and thanks for your interest in being featured on Autistic Jane!

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As it is primarily authored by one person, general guest post pitches will not be accepted.

I currently only have one guest feature ready for submissions. The rest are works-in-progress.

A Day in the Life of Autistic Adults

A 800-1000-word equivalent to the original Day in the Life series.

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  • You must be autistic. Not just your child, partner, relative or friend. This column is not for perspectives of autistic people told by non-autistic people. (Self-Dx valid.)
  • Choose from list of prompts.
  • Read through previous DITL posts to understand format and structure/purpose.
  • 1-4 photos will be permitted, depending on relevancy.

Guest post @ Autistic Jane

  • Must be a legal adult (18+, or emancipated minor).
  • Photos should be bright and crisp. They don’t have to be perfect, but they should not be blurry, either. I edit on VSCO.
    • No silly filters, dark contrast or overly saturated photos. Doodles on photos are fine. (I mostly don’t want the dog ears/unnatural social filters, please!)
    • Look through the photos on my blog if you’re unsure. I prefer editing photos so they retain their original colors as much as possible, but are brighter overall — and then I sharpen them just enough.
  • Use identity-first language, i.e. “autistic person” or “disabled person”, not “person with autism” or “people with disabilities” unless you are part of that community and have a different language preference.
  • Profanity is not permitted in guest posts unless in the event of clothing, home decor, etc. as is relevant to the post theme. (I aim to maintain a PG site.
  • You will receive up to 150 words to introduce yourself and one link to your site and/or three social media pages.
  • Please promote the published result with your audience/friends/etc. I will promote the post on Autistic Jane social media.
  • By contributing here, and submitting any photos, you are giving me permission to use your photos/likeness per my Terms & Conditions.
  • Since these are interviews, please do not publish them elsewhere beyond a 100-word excerpt with a direct link back to the respective post, citing AutisticJane.com as a source.

Exact process

  1. Choose a feature. One feature per month per person. If you want to partake in them all, spread it out across several months.
  2. Follow the guidelines for the feature. Interview-type segments have a PDF full of questions/prompts to choose from and use for your post.
  3. Don’t pitch me like you were taught. Please spare me the neurotypical BS. I give you a script below to send me, which is better for my organization anyway.

How to pitch me

I’m only accepting features related to the contributions. Also, please don’t pitch per typical standards. A simple email is fine. Here’s a copy-paste message to customize or draft your own from:

Hi Jane,

I’m interested in guesting on Autistic Jane.

Guest Feature: ADITL of Autistic Adults

Why you want to be featured:

Here is the link to the Google Doc/folder (Dropbox OK):

[Your Name]

That’s it. Short, sweet and to the point — void of vague, pointless links to experience and other neurotypical BS. 🙃

Send it through my contact form or directly to my email.

When your feature will be published

If your submission is selected to be featured, its publish date will depend highly upon how many submissions I have and how I decide to spread them out.

However, at present the columns are destined to be published on the following dates each month:

  • ADITL of Autistic Adults: 4th
  • TBD: 14th
  • TBD: 24th

You will be emailed letting you know the date your post will be published.