A Day in the Life: August 2015

Yesterday, I went to the Perot Museum with Charlise and her kids, and worked more on something you may or may not know about already. Instead of taking my camera, this time I just used my phone and posted photos to Instagram. I opted for more descriptive captions where I could put them, depending on the information before me and the time I had in the moment, rather than mere hashtags or just posting the picture.


I didn’t sleep much, and I haven’t been sleeping much, but we can blame that on PTSD. I’ve noticed I tend to have a hell of a lot more angst and lose a lot of sleep around the months that were most traumatic for me. I slept for about two hours yesterday morning, three hours max. I can lay in bed and close my eyes and “force” myself or “try” to fall asleep, but five hours may pass by, and I will still be awake.

And I hate myself for it, because then I “waste away the day”, or whatever, and people around me make me feel like shit for it when they don’t even understand that IT IS NOT ME DOING THIS ON PURPOSE.

My “S” key is broken on my laptop, a model that isn’t made anymore. Now, I have to decide whether to aim for a [used] DSLR or a [used] laptop until I can afford newer ones/the ones I want. My camera is starting to show its age, with certain features not working already; my laptop needs a new battery, but again, the model is not made anymore. It’s a faulty one. Lard convinced me it was the best one I could get, then benefited from me buying it because he used his affiliate shit, or whatever-the-hell-he-did, and you know what? Fuck that. Lenovo fucking sucks.

Alternatively, I am considering a [used] DSLR and an iPad, because… well, don’t those come with keyboards? And my laptop continues to work when it is plugged in.


I ate a baked potato with butter for lunch, struggled to figure out what the hell I wanted to wear, then was picked up by Charlise to go to the museum. I think we may have agreed upon the hottest day ever to go out in Texas.

Perot Museum

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First, we went to the playroom. Charlise and I sat in the camping area, Charlie brought me flowers from another station. A few kids brought from the Market Hall station some fruits and veggies to the camping area, then proceeded to “cook” stir fry and make salads. It was cute. Like, maybe this is how healthy eating habits are formed. They even pretended to eat the lettuce. LETTUCE.

And then a lady, whom we saw last time we came here, walked over to them and began taking away the toys and flowers. She wasn’t any bit of nice about it. They didn’t understand. Apparently, it’s a creative-free zone? The kids weren’t doing anything wrong.

Last time, she got onto kids for running in the jungle gym. Seriously? If I see her next time being some extreme helicopter grandmother, I’m going to complain to the museum, because that pisses me off.


These kids were all playing together nicely, and she just walked in and, in a few instances, pried the toys out of the kids’ hands. Like, it took a lot of self-control for me not to tell her off right then and there, and those weren’t even my kids. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like it when people manhandle others’ kids, let alone their own kids. Like, you have no idea what that kid’s story is, or if they even appreciate being touched.

Next, we went to the Sports section, wherein they had various interactive activities to participate in—like racing, for example.

I held onto Charlie until the countdown said to go, otherwise the countdown would have been pointless. :p

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And because he didn’t want to continue to be held, he went onto Char’s back; he was also tired. XD


We went up to the highest [available] floor to see the birds. It was incomparable to seeing birds at the zoo, just as seeing other ancient animals are. I come from a childhood wherein family members hunt and have stuff up on the wall, but taxidermy isn’t my thing—and seeing the real animals are cooler, anyway. Whilst there were several interesting things about birds—such as what makes flamingos compatible with saltwater—it wasn’t as entertaining as the rest of the museum…


…so I took a photo of a bench in the same section instead…


…and the Alamosaurus’ head.


Lastly, we went to the Earth section, and Charlise played with the RGB colors of light.


There was a lot of traffic, which made things miserable in the heat. Before taking me home, Char stopped at Sonic so I could buy a medium fry (because fries).

I didn’t eat them all until after I got back from the grocery store with Grandmama to buy bottled water and soda that were on sale, but the store had run out of the waters, and the soda was on a 3-day sale thing, so we are going back sometime today to check on and get, if possible, both of the deals.

I worked more on my new blog, That Jane Girl, which is the former What Liz Eats. I changed the name for various reasons, which I will explain later. My #1 top reason: because I wanted to.

It’s not that I’m tired of “Liz”, it’s just that I recently learned it’s more possible than I thought to legally change my first name—existing debts don’t make me unable to change my name—and now, I’m feeling super impatient about it. It’s more possible than I thought; this is exciting and terrifying all at the same time!

For dinner, I had two bean and cheese burritos that I heated in the microwave… The brand is “Tina’s”, for anyone curious. I typically go for “El Passo” brand, but these were twenty cents cheaper than my usual preferred brand… and OMG, I like them more! The unfortunate part is that they are sold separately instead of in a bulk package… I probably should have went for the chimichangas instead.

I got three. I have one burrito left. :s

…and I showered super early, then passed out super early, too.

I slept from about 8:30pm to 2ish am… blah.

I decided not to add this to Georgie’s linkup, because I don’t have the energy to dedicate myself to keeping up with the additional comments I receive, considering I already have several months’ worth to respond to as well. However, if you wanna participate, you can do so on her post. :3

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That woman sounds so rude to take the things off the kids and generally be really unpleasant. :/ It’s not like they were out of control. I agree with you, that other people shouldn’t man-handle children. :/

What a bitch. The “creative-free” environment thing is stupid enough, but not wanting children to run in a jungle gym? It is specifically designed for children to be active there, is it not?

“Creative-free environment” was a made-up term… she didn’t say it was that, but… she gave the impression. >.>