A Day in the Life: March 2016

Starting now, I have decided to be a bit more honest with my ‘Day in the Life’ posts. I mean, it’s about sharing your day with others, no matter what you do…or whatever. In the past, I’ve hidden the fact that I don’t usually go to bed until midnight. I’ve made a pact with myself to be more like myself and all that jazz, so I’m gonna start doing me more in life—starting with this post [in this series]. c:


I continued working the 1000-piece Precious Moments “GOOSE Girls” jigsaw puzzle. Grandmama worked on the doll in the blue dress, and I did some of the grass before I gave up and started on the girl in red dress. I finished most of her up, but the apron on her dress started to play with my eyes…and the antihistamine I’d taken around two or three hours ago was beginning to kick in.

We’ve been working on puzzles all week, finishing approximately one 500-piece puzzle per day, or carried over. However, we were running out of 500-piece puzzles we’d not solved yet, so I selected our current one. It has dolls, but Precious Moments’ dolls look more like kids, so hopefully it won’t give me nightmares.


I chatted with Georgie through Twitter messages, withdrew funds from my Fiverr account into my PayPal account, and realised it was (is?) March 12th, which I have been looking forward to, because I decided to try to do my ‘Day in the Life’ posts on the assigned days. 🙂


I created this post in my dashboard so I’d not forget. This is typical of me, in that I create a new post; set the URL, title, tags (if any) and categories; then save the post as a draft. This way, I know to write a post/that I have a certain idea and don’t easily/quickly forget it…because I still need to go through my drafts.

I considered watching How to Get Away With Murder, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, Young & Hungry, and The Originals, but I went to bed instead, around 2:30. If I stay up for too long, fighting the drowsiness from the antihistamine, I’ll enter into this mode of “simply not tired” and…well, I won’t fall asleep until way later. Plus, I actually have stuff to do today, and once I start catching up on one show, I’ll have to catch up on the rest (of course).

I have also been sporting a fever here and there; don’t need that to get too comfortable. -.-

In case it interests you: I typically use sleepyti.me to determine when to set my alarm and, sometimes, when to go to bed (if I need to wake early).


Unfortunately, I didn’t fall asleep until around 9am. It turned out I’d already hit that mode of not being able to fall asleep. Thus, I grabbed my flashlight and began reading around 5:30-6, after tossing and turning in attempt to fall asleep.

I started reading The Devil Wears Prada, just because it’s on my shelf and I liked the movie, earlier yesterday, but…I didn’t like Gossip Girl, so I’ll probably be abandoning it. I selected The 100 from my bookshelf and picked up where I’d stop reading. I love the television series, but the writing—from the grammar and punctuation to the diction—is painful, so I’d abandoned it in 2014 at page 9o.

I read until approximately 9am (or before), to page 176, then decided I needed to go to bed.


I finally got up at 3:30pm, but…I need time to fully be up an going. Antihistamines make me groggy, but right now, they’re literally the only allergy medication that works—I’m either allergic to everything else or can’t take it because of my asthma. I do avoid Benedryl where I can, though. Though I usually have a photographic memory, I can’t remember the name of the brand…I know what it looks like, I just don’t remember it, similarly to the inability to remember faces [many other autistics have].

Anyway, the six-member family who has been staying with us is returning from vacation sometime tomorrow morning, and I start to run out of clothes toward the end of the week because I don’t have many that can be turned into adequate outfits; new clothes have never been a priority.

Thus, laundry was started sometime after four o’clock. Our new laundry machine set takes about an hour per load, though—and about the same amount to dry it. They’re each one of the energy efficient machines, so I guess I should feel good about using them, but…for the most part, the lack of control is just really annoying.


Between 4 and 9:15ish, I “worked puzzle”, as the Lawson family calls it. We finished the one of the dolls as Hallmark played three cheesy, romantic chick flicks. It’s a huge puzzle—bigger than the average 1000-piece puzzle, because its pieces are big. I might post a picture of it to Instagram later, but I’m too tired of looking at it to be bothered to take a photo of it right now.

I didn’t get around to doing what I wanted to do today, but…I’m going to wash the rest of my stuff in a bit. Working puzzle is definitely a project. >.< I also ate White Cheddar Cheez-Its (because I CAN), so I’m gonna be suffering the consequences later. I’m already coughing, I just…hope I don’t stay up all night coughing. >.> That act’s a pain.

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Comments on this post

I used to use sleepyti.me too! I thought it was a good idea. Then I started using a sleeping monitor app, which could somehow detect my breathing using my phone and pick a good time to wake me up gradually with a gradual alarm. I should get back to doing that – I think it really helped my sleep quality.

o.o If it detects your breathing, does that mean it has to be right next to you when you sleep?

That thing sounds cool. :3 I’ve considered a FitBit, not only because I’m obsessed with step-counters, but because one of the models has an alarm and will begin to vibrate when it’s time to go off.

It does! Some require you to have it on your bed as well, so that it can detect movement, others are happy to have it just next to you on a desk or table.

My iPhone can detect steps, but I have been told that a FitBit is a bit more accurate. It does, though, count a step when you just shake it (bit like a pedometer I guess), so it is a bit sensitive. I guess an iPhone does have to be in your pocket, but mine works when I am carrying a handbag and it is in a pocket in my bag.

There’s nothing wrong with being up at night doing things! It’s amazing how you’re solving all of these 500-piece puzzles in a day! Meanwhile, I’m here contemplating on buying my first 1000-piece X’D.

Sleepyti.me looks like a really useful app in getting a good night’s rest! I like the new energy efficient washing machines, it makes me feel more… “efficient” with all of the clothes I wash XD. I used one of my friend’s washer the other day and it had time settings *o*. Maybe one day I can reach that point in life, X’D.

Hope you’re doing well!

This looks like a fun post to make, I guess I’ll try doing this too!

Personally, I have a different offline and online personality. It’s not that extreme, but online, I try to appear more interesting and classier. I guess that’s normal. I know where you’re coming from.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces. That’s a lot! That must have taken hours to complete.

Allergies are a pain in the ass. I am so sorry to know that you have to take antihistamines. Sometimes those meds doesn’t work (on me at least). Good luck ~

I understand why you would want to keep some part of yourself private. That’s the reason why I have an ‘offline’ and an ‘online’ journal. The online journal being my blog. 🙂

You sound like me though. I have issues falling asleep, too. Sometimes I won’t go to sleep til 6 or 7am simply because I have no time that I have to wake up by. Once I have to wake up in the mornings I get really anal and I have to be in bed by 10pm. I’ve even set this new rule of mine stating that I won’t go out and do anything after 10pm unless I have nothing to do the next day.
I fixed the pictures. I had to put them in a shared album on Google Photos but now they work. That was weird cause I tested them first in incognito mode in chrome and I could see them but when I looked at my blog today I couldn’t see them. 0.0 Either way, they are fixed. 🙂

Thanks! I finished it and I feel so much better cause along with cleaning out my closet I was also able to clean my room. Hahaha.

Confident is a good song. It is something I’m personally working on with myself. I need more self-esteem and confidence. 🙂

For me, I mostly struggle between being who I am and being who people expect me to be. I am keeping an offline journal, but it’s mostly me writing stories as they come to mind, so I can better piece my memoir. 🙂