To the people who wronged me

I have no ill feelings towards anyone who wronged me anymore. I don’t even care if they’ve apologized to me. I forgive them.

What I do care about is the ability to use that experience in my story without them taking offense for their actions.

If you’re no longer that type of person, prove that you’ve moved on from the drama. Take accountability for your previous actions, but understand that effects of your actions towards me developed me into the type of person who shared that experience.

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I write about everything.

Also: If you’re no longer that type of person, then I’m not talking about who you are now. I’m talking about who you were. People deal with people like your former self, or they are how you were then and don’t understand the repercussions.

The top two reasons I write:

  1. Share my story
  2. Relate to others

This isn’t to say I’m willing to be friends or put a label on our relationship. I’m not responsible for your feelings or expectations of how I should act/behave. If you get upset when people don’t respond the way you wanted them to or expect, that’s something you need to work on for yourself. You can’t control anyone other than yourself.

It’s simply me saying that I don’t care anymore.

It’s up to you to choose to work on yourself.

This is an expanded version of a Twitter thread I posted.

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