Life Update #20

I haven’t done one of these in a long while. I’ve also had things to say, but haven’t had enough to say about each thing to feel like it’s blog post-worthy. ?

Body pain

I’m still in pain from my fall late February. I don’t think my trip to Austin in April helped matters, because we had to walk a long way from the parking lot to the convention center, and we mostly stood, and I didn’t ice my ankles or my knees. I have some “sports cream” that is supposed to be heavy duty, but…ice is working better. The cream helps for a few seconds before it just feels greasy, so I stopped using it. It’s like a mild form of Bengay, which smells like peppermint extract exploded, but feels like ice and actually gets the job done.

Anyway, I have to be careful with lifting now; whereas I once had zero issue carrying a 40-pound bag of horse feed over my shoulder, I’m now struggling with transporting packages of water bottles from the shelves to the cart, from the cart to the car, and then from the car to the house.

My arms still hurt here and there as well. My knees are still visibly bruised, and I am still sore.

If anything, I’ve learned I’m not as resilient as I thought I was and am now trying to take better care of myself, especially since I would like to take dance classes in the future, when I can afford it. Like, every time the pain starts up again, the question “Will I ever dance again?” pops up. I read on message boards it’s more important to let your body heal than to stress it when you’re hurt, so…I guess stubborn me is stuck letting my body heal. I need not stress it. ?

Could at least solve 90 percent of my mood problems. Being in pain affects my personality a lot, and you can forget me seeming more neurotypical when I’m experiencing it.

More domains dropped

I have dropped loads. I’m still working on dropping more. I registered for reasons I’ll explain at a later date. Once I’m legally Jane Elizabeth Lawson, I do feel like I’ll change my blog over to janepedia, because there are things I want to do, and trying to brand 6birds is hard, and I’m frustrated with it, because I love it, but it’s starting to not feel like it will work with the things I want to do and directions in which I want to move.

…also, I am bringing this up now in the event someone gets curious as to why my email in comments is instead of others.

Backyard garden

Gardening pods (May 2016); cucumbers, green beans, radishes and tomatoes

Alas, I worked up the courage to ask Grandmama if we (I) could start a garden in her backyard! Thursday, I planted cucumbers, radishes, green beans and tomatoes in “pods”, i.e. what I am calling individual egg carton sections. “Pods” sounds cool and fitting and very The 100-y, so “pods” it is! Yesterday, I planted okra. We still have other things to plant, but we only have so much space to work with right now; we’ll grow flowers later.

Various plants, including fruits and veggies and herbs, produce pollen; pollen attracts bees; and other wildlife; and bees harvest the pollen, whilst other wildlife helps plants reach their full potential in various ways. A lot of people think having pollen allergies means flowers/gardens in general are bad for them, but according to my research, it’s better to have a garden and attract bees, because there is even pollen in trees—and if you don’t aim to attract bees, the pollen just sits there and builds up, and can result in a worse living environment for pollen-allergic peeps.

I’ve also found people who have mold allergies can still enjoy foods on the mold list (e.g. carrots, greens, herbs, etc.) if they grow the produce themselves. Not only is the produce literally being produced in your own environment, but it’s fresher than the grocery store. The hardest part of having mold allergies is that it requires fresh produce, because food goes bad for a person with mold allergies more quickly than it does for a person without it. For example, if a block of cheese produced mold only on the outside, I would not be able to eat it, even if I cut it off, because it would have already started a new molding process.

Also, do you know how many carrots I eat? And a spiralizer is due to arrive today from Amazon. I’m gonna have loads of fun with these in the future. ?

Garden food just tastes better. ?

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Comments on this post

Coming from a dancer’s mouth: you’ll wanna let your body recover almost fully before taking dance classes. I’ve injured myself permanently (torn meniscus) from not listening to my body when it was telling me to stop dancing!

Permanent injury is terrifying, to be honest. D;

I would definitely reiterate to let your body have time to heal. It sucks that everything is in pain, but it’s better to rest than to hurt your body more. At least when I was running, I injured myself further where I couldn’t run for six months. Give yourself time, and I hope you get some relief sooner rather than later!

I noticed that you changed your email address, so I was curious about that. 😉 It’s hard to imagine you not blogging on 6birds, but I’m excited to see what Janepedia will hold!

I’ve always wanted to start a garden, but I feel like I would totally fail at it haha. I’m not great with keeping plants and such alive. We have a big backyard now, though, so I might have to try it! I hope yours does really well! Garden-grown produce is always so much better. My grandpa and a few family friends have their own small gardens and the tomatoes and other veggies they grow are the BEST.

Yeah, it’s weird to think about blogging elsewhere for me, too, but I’m going to make a parked one, or something that will cause everything at 6birds to forward to the new location. I’ll figure it out later. :3

Yeah, I’m not completely healed from my car accident from December of last year. Knee is still pretty busted and have to get someone to look at it. Money issues. Money issues.

Good luck on starting your garden!

Sorry to hear that you’re still in pain! That’s quite a while. I hope that it’ll feel better soon.

I should consider dropping more domains. I don’t use half of the ones I own, and I mainly got them because my name is in them. It’s hard to let go of a domain you’ve been using for a while, but I can see how janepedia would work better in some ways.

That’s exciting that you’re growing your own vegetables! I’ve thought about it since we have a large backyard, but I’m kind of bad at maintaining things like that. That’ll be great to eat your own fresh produce!

I am excited about you starting a garden and I hope to read more about it. Something about home made gardens makes my cheeks rosy and it’s a kind of cute activity, too.

When it comes to exercise, if your body is sore, it is generally good to still go for a walk if your body can take it, rather than just sitting still. It depends on the injury though, of course.

I would say not to worry about feeling as resilient as you used to. Every now and then it makes me sad that I am not as flexible as I was when I used to dance, and even though I do want to dance some time in the future, I just don’t know when. And these are things that I believe can improve. I used to hate the gym and be unable to lift or do a plank exercise. Now I am quite a bit stronger. When your body is healed and ready, you can start preparing it again 🙂

I hope that you are able to heal soon and not have to deal with the pain. That would be difficult. 🙁

It can be so good to get rid of domains you don’t need. When you have a lot, the cost can get pretty high as well. Especially when prices have been steadily increasing most years. 🙁 That does sound like a good idea with that domain. You have to have the blog address that is comfortable for you. 😀

That sounds really awesome about the garden! 😀 I look forward to seeing photos of it as it grows (if you share them). 😀