Lizard Finds vol. 1

Lately, I’ve been spending time doing things I want to tell the world about, but figure are best to keep quiet until I have more information. I want to blog about my finding process, but I feel as if the longer entry regarding the result of finally finding it would be much greater in meaning and deeper in a story, so… I guess I’m waiting. I do feel antsy about it all, but I don’t want talking about it before it happens to derail the results. With talking about things comes unsolicited judgement, and I… I am too determined to want to allow myself the vulnerability that comes with opening up myself like that.

So I am waiting.

In order to stay active in blogging despite the fact that I don’t have all that much I feel I can share with everyone right now, I’ve found a way to keep peeps updated that is also interesting (or probably not, Idunno) and can be a weekly thing so I actually post at least once a week.

The finds

Blogging is apparently not as bad as much of my family thinks. Writing is helpful in the healing process. Science says so.

I’m pretty sure if I made an allergen-friendly version of this cake, with some other adjustments, for a family get-together, it would be epic.

I’m a sucky pen pal, but I’m hoping to get better… I did find a list of writing prompts, which I’m going to try. 😀

As per a suggestion/request by Robin, I watched Snow Cake. It’s so good, and it’s so cute, and I’m working on writing up an opinion/thoughts post. The movie is extremely quotable, oftentimes hilarious, and other times annoying as hell, but it’s a really good movie, nevertheless. It’s an indie film, so it’s a sans Hollywood-influenced autism movie.

“I know how you neurotypical people are obsessed with having friends. I’m only trying to help you get some.”

If you’re still not convinced, watch the deleted scenes and enjoy.

I’ve been busying myself a lot with the Finding Carter Wiki, as well as writing and yoga. I got a yoga mat from Charlise, who’s purging much of her stuff so she can move into an RV and had two yoga mats. If you’re super into details and want the brand name, I have no clue what it is and am too lazy to look. I’ve also done some pilates workouts with it from Blogilates, and I like it… but it’s hard to not get addicted to working out, so I had to stop for a few days.


After speaking to a [non-blogger] Slovakian friend a while back, I decided to change the way I cook/bake/etc. If anyone has suggestions for a food scale that measures ounces and grams, please let me know! I prefer it come from Amazon, but Walmart or Target might also work if it’s available online. I noticed different brands’ measuring equipment is different from each other, and I’m looking for the most precise measurements possible, because I need recipes to produce the same result every time, and also because the majority of people I connect with are from other countries.

And precision is just so great. Instead of saying you need “a medium banana”, I could give an approximate weight… because what even really is “a medium banana”, anyway?

…or a “large egg”. Is it, like, an ostrich’s egg? :p

I have my eye on a few, but all I really have to go on are Amazon reviews and could use a few genuine ones, because it has recently come to my attention that many of those 5-star reviews may have been paid for and/or required in exchange for the product free. (It has completely changed the way I think about Amazon reviews now, quite frankly.)

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Comments on this post

I have always wanted to pen pal! I did it in the fourth grade, it was apart of school, we did a school across the city, and then we got to meet in person.

I figure blogging would be healthy, as it allows a person to get their thoughts out at once and not feel like they have no voice. The only one who knows I have come back to blogging is my boyfriend. I told him I wanted to so it could go with my portfolio, and maybe spread the love of what I am currently doing. He thinks its good for me, not his thing though. He would rather picture blog.

Glad that you liked “Snow Cake”. I am curious to read about what you have been up to!

(This is the same Robin; I made a new blog and e-mail, so I guess I don’t have the same Gravatar pic.)

Hopefully you’re enjoying doing the things you’re doing :D. I understand what you mean about things not being the right time until you know more about it. Sometimes, I’m just too excited about that thing and just spoil it beforehand *__*

It would be so cool if you made the pinata cake allergy free! Especially with all of the little goodies spilling out *o*. Yoga is fun! Hope you’re having fun with it ;).

I would’ve thought that Target would have a food scale measuring that small. The only other places I could think is Sur la Table, Crate & Barrel, or William Sonoma but they’re pretty expensive compared to the three you mentioned but quality!! Good luck 😀

I’m not against investing in something more expensive eventually, or even having a few. I think, once I get used to using it, I’ll go after a more expensive/higher quality one? XD But I don’t know if we have any of those places here, unless they are online places. :p

Yes! I want to make the pinata cake! I’m caught between making little bitty cakes and just making the giant one, though. >.>

Thanks so much for mentioning my writing prompts. 🙂 Hope they help you! (I love the little owls on your site! 🙂 :))

Wow, that cake looks so delicious and awesome. I have never seen a cake like that before where it has candy hidden inside, that would be so cool!

I have also not heard about that movie Snow Cake before, and from the trailer it looks really interesting and I am going to add it to my watchlist!