My kitten knows my apartment better than I do.

My three-month-old cat, Galaxy, keeps losing toys.

I will search high and low every nook and cranny in this apartment, for her missing yellow ball for up to three hours per two days.

There aren’t many places it could be, but then I woke up one night at 3am and heard her rustling about somewhere in the living room with a sound I hadn’t heard her engage in before.

Then I found one of her hiding spots, featuring one mouse and one yellow felted ball, in a dark crevice between an overflowing laundry basket and an unpacked box marked NOSTALGIA.

Tortie kitten playing with yellow ball picks up yellow ball in mouth and runs

Then I heard her with her crinkly ball in the kitchen, but her arm was under the stove and there was a sliver of the green crinkly ball sticking out.

Then I saw her with two yellow balls that I didn’t even know she had.

My kitten knows my apartment better than I do, and we’ve been living here the same amount of time.

Your cat knows your home better than you, too. đź‘€

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