New Beginnings

The thing about the Internet is that it is ever changing. It will forever be that way, and there is nothing anyone can change about it. Hashtag trends come and go more than social platform trends come and go, which makes it difficult to interest people in a new one.

People contradict themselves all the time, sometimes in a good way. I hope this is one of those times.

I opened Bloglint earlier this year, but things didn’t go according to plan.

Regarding ‘Bloglint’

Bloglint failed due to me, not the lack of a large member number in the network. I purchased a software for it that ended up not working according to its description, and the next one I purchased didn’t match its features to a ‘T’ or allow much room for a change. I really had certain features in mind for Bloglint, but a simple software system didn’t allow for that to happen.

Whilst it was in the process of coming together, the survey I had going for it was pulling in responses — ideas for ‘the perfect social network for bloggers’ as I’d hoped, yet in order to make Bloglint as brilliant as I’d intended for it to be, many of the responses were impossible. Many of the responses were also ultimatums: “I won’t join if it has advertisements.”

The adverts were up on Bloglint so I could eventually hire someone to help me develop it more, although having some giveaways would have been quite fun as well.

Thus, the survey slightly contributed to the growing lack of interest for the network due to the fact that I’d continue to receive answers and ideas that would make actually keeping up the network impossible, even more so if it grew to have many members.

…I also had my wisdom teeth removed and fell ill shortly after.

Better Blogger Network

If you didn’t hear about it on Twitter or the network itself, I’ve been appointed the new owner of the Better Blogger Network, or the BBN.

In a nutshell, the change feels like many things: overwhelming, scary, nerve-wracking, exciting, spontaneous, adventurous, terrifying, horrendous, I-don’t-want-to-grow-up-and-be-a-leader-yet, I-can-totally-do-this, I’m-gonna-fail, is-this-what-I’m-waiting-for-or-is-it-a-setup-for-my-impending-doom?

I’m not one to talk about things before they happen, so I won’t really share much about it, but I figured I’d let those that didn’t/don’t know about it yet know about it now so later when I talk about it, it’ll make sense. 😉

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Comments on this post

It’s a bummer that Bloglint didn’t go according to plan. I liked its check-in/location feature. Regardless, at least you had the experience of creating a neat-o site and everything!

I finally joined BBN XD. It looks like a big community with a lot of potential. I’m sure with your ideas and lead, you can make it bloom more… beautifully. Good luck with everything!

Thanks! 😀

…and yeah, about Bloglint, but I suppose it’s kind of for the best, maybe. I had ideas for a forum community that I really liked for it after its launch, and I’ve decided to put those ideas into the BBN, so maybe that will make it triple awesome? Maybe. Perhaps. Idunno. o.o