Breaking up blocks of text for web accessibility

Breaking up blobs of text into multiple paragraphs helps create a more accessible web.

Neurodivergent and disabled audiences often read one-sentence paragraphs better than multiple-sentence ones.

Multi-sentence paragraphs with short, snappy sentences work well, too. As long as the sentences are related and ideas aren’t being broken. 🤷‍♀️

This trend started way back when, so bloggers could lengthen their posts and keep people scrolling — for ads. However, this behavior/practice has evolved into creating a more accessible web.

Reading online isn’t the same as reading print books; large paragraphs overwhelm the brain and affect language processing.

Shorter paragraphs are more accessible. ✨

See also:
Schneps, M. H., Thomson, J. M., Sonnert, G., Pomplun, M., Chen, C., & Heffner-Wong, A. (2013). Shorter Lines Facilitate Reading in Those Who Struggle. PLOS ONE, 8(8), e71161.

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