The collective history of this blog ✨

This post is a compilation of this blog’s collective history. Instead of keeping that history in posts that don’t fit my blog anymore, that I don’t care to keep and would just delete, I’ve compiled them here.

So, Lemon & Lively pop culture, basically.

February 2010

Screenshot 6birds from 2010
Before I utilized color.
  • was taken, so I registered instead. Back then, numbers in your domain name was this oddball, kind of elitist thing. A part of me wanted to fit in with the popular sites, even if the system collectively lacked the maturity required.
  • was registered with a prepaid VISA gift card from my dad, as I didn’t have a bank account at the time and was not allowed to manage my money on my own — even though I was almost 19.


6birds, 2011

  • My photography was more the face of my blog, and I was obsessed with trees.


6birds, 2012 utilized a dark background and more depressive elements
One of the first WordPress themes I ever created
  • Posts turned more depression in 2012.
  • Effy is one of the first WordPress themes I designed for myself.
  • I loved the “fake snow” look and used it a lot on my blog
  • Not all of my custom WordPress themes were recorded by the Web Archive.


Various shades of blue full-width layout

  • Georgie designed for me a super blue theme. I’d wanted a full-width layout that felt soft.
  • This theme was originally on Back in the day, designs weren’t usually accessible. This theme would never pass accessibility standards of today. Fonts used were Delicious Roman and Nadia Serif.

Under the sea-like theme

  • I’d switch to Something Fishy by Caroline Moore when I felt especially dissociative. Its most notable feature was a worm on a hook when you scrolled down the page. Hovering it would display a “Take me out of here!” speech bubble, and clicking it took you back to the top.
  • Freaked out a lot of readers.


Cream and green-colored theme
The design inspired by 78Violet’s song, “Hothouse” that I was obsessed with.
  • Georgie designed a lot of my themes, okay.

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