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I’m still looking for a food scale, but meh. I am also planning to registering a PO box, but I first need to figure out a second form of identification… my driver’s license, the first piece of identification, still has my Wills Point address (ugh), and I lack bills that get sent to the house… so maybe I can find my Voter Registration card? I need a PO box for the sake of Zigative, and also because I figure it can’t hurt to have some sort of newsletter for What Liz Eats. I have already decided its contents and that it’ll be monthly—come on, you guys know how I am with projects. 😐

Furthermore, I realized how much I could save on WHOIS Guard if I just used a PO box address. I’d rather pay for a PO box than pay for WHOIS Guard for my 10+ domain names/have to keep up with the subscriptions. I’m not a fan of my personal address being public, either.

And I really want to be able to do cards this year. I failed last year so, so miserably. I will make it up to peoples.

I have also decided to do something different with Liz and Code, which I’m working on moving to I’ve been working on other things and realized LAC is kind of annoying and limiting, and I don’t want to do what I thought I did. It took spending several weeks looking for certain allergen-friendly recipes and realizing that I should just make them myself—and share them so others can enjoy them—because I shouldn’t have to suffer through tasteless food just because of my food allergies, and I didn’t realize how much I missed cooking.

I mean, people are probably going to hover for a while, but maybe I can tune that out.

And really, there has to be other people out there who feel the same way, but maybe they just don’t blog, or know how, etc. Or maybe someone needs to cook for a nut-allergic person, an they don’t know much about cross-contamination, so they find it fine to use the bowl they once made peanut butter cookies in to make the nut-free food.

In case anyone is doubting my seriousness in/on/about What Liz Eats, I found a food safety course I can take and get certified in, and after, I’ll likely take the allergy one. 🙂

I have to go to a reunion with Grandmama in June, as her traveling alone makes the family feel nervous. I’m not really looking forward to it, because 1) I don’t know these people well, 2) there are a lot of people, and I’m not a people person, and 3) this family is really BIG on nuts, so it’s like walking into a deathtrap. It makes me so nervous I feel sick from all the nervousness.

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I hope you can get through the family reunion okay. The large ones can be boring/awkward enough without worrying about allergies. Although, I do have a food dislike that makes a lot of social events awkward for me.