Slice of January 2017

This month felt longer than December. I binge-watched two-and-a-half shows. It wasn’t productive in way of providing any external benefits (e.g. money, physically obvious progress), but brought laughter and emotional comfort during a time when browsing the Internet would not suffice due to the next president taking office.

I did read four books within the first week, then went on a break and barely read anything for the rest of the month. I tend to read in bursts, I’ve realised—and also better when the plot grabs me. I’m not big on the slow starts. I keep meaning to post reviews, but I’ve used Gmama’s computer sparingly lately due to Netflix, my organizing of papers and stuff, and general lack of need. It’s easier to write in my room.

I’m officially desperate for a new computer I’m including desktops into my options. The manor problem is my pickiness. Lenovo is out, for example. I will not ever be interested in an Android or Chromebook…and other PC brands that have burned me are out of the question. I’d go for a Mac if I had the money for it, but…if that happened, I’d have the money for a name change.~

Regarding the title of this: I’m not loving it, but I do already have a new series title for after I change my name, and the text after the colon sounds better with it. I considered using it already, like I did with my Twitter and Instagram handles (@ijanelively), but had gone with #LizLately instead since it worked better at the time. So now, I’m just…waiting.

Prompts are from Georgie.

Just before writing this, I was…

  • Refilling the handsoap in my bathroom
  • Looking for silver pipe cleaners for Gmama in my closet
  • Yawning and pondering WTF I could even eat

This past month, I achieved…

  • Purging many of my clothes
  • Finally finding a shampoo and figuring out a proper routine to keep my hair from drying out too much
  • Not using a straight iron on my hair more than thrice, if that

This past month, I was grateful for…

  • Netflix
  • My phone, Tahlia
  • My Enjoy Life Foods coupon (I’m a frequent buyer of their products)
  • Friends

This past month, I learned…

  • I prefer open space in my room—I need not have every free space of wall and corner occupied by something. The lack of furniture in an area relaxes me.
  • Self-defense—I can now defend myself with keys, pens, and my own strength.

This past month, I got bored of…

  • My hair (officially)
  • My wardrobe
  • Food that makes me feel shitty, blah, bland, and lack the desire to eat at all
  • Meta bloggers all about the numbers and their “target audience” ?

But that’s okay, ’cause I enjoyed…

  • Binging on Netflix ?
  • Listening to music from Google Play (hello free 3-month trial for all Google media services!)
  • Enjoy Life Foods snickerdoodle cookies ?

Today, something that made me happy was…

Installing the Pinterest app and finally finding recipes I might actually be able to enjoy. I still have to change up some ingredients, but more people going for vegan, allergy-friendly options means my life is about to get much easier.

Today, something I could have done better is…

I could have gotten up earlier, when I’d first awoken, to vacuum my room before the exterminator came to spray. But I didn’t, because I’ve struggled sleeping lately, so now I can’t for a week. Oh well for now.

Tomorrow, I’m going to…

  • A mini writing class ?
  • Organize more of my room

Next month, I’m looking forward to…

  • Trying vegan recipes and learning how to cook more vegan dishes — I’m really tired of meat and how it makes me feel. I figure, if the food I eat doesn’t make me feel great, I won’t make any progress on building a positive relationship with food.
  • My Dollar Shave Club box — I ordered one since the price of women razors are outrageously more expensive than men’s. It’s ridonculous considering men’s last longer, anyway. If all goes well, it’s goodbye department store razors.

One thing on my to-do list is…

Figure out my headphones dilemma.

One happy photo from this month:

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If I had to write a book or record a film about this month, I would call it:

Sleepless in Sheets

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Comments on this post

If I could title this month it would be “Shanae Has a Migraine”. Oi. What a month. Some good parts, some bad, but like you, mostly unproductive. I have had insomnia, fatigue, and just all around sense of ‘nope’.
I’m also trying to figure out what the best course pf replacing this broken computer of mine would be. Went into best buy the other day and wasn’t impressed with their selection, but down here in Abilene I’m pretty limited on a lot. I’m on a major budget or I’d entertain the idea of the HP Spectre line. They’re gorgeous and sleek, but yeah I don’t have $1500 laying around.

I did see the HP Envy’s and they don’t seem to bad, and they’re quite a bit cheaper than the spectre line. I’ve been toying with that, because the specs are pretty good. I would love to explore the pros and cons of a macbook, but I’m SUPER weary since I’ve never owned one and that’s A LOT of money to drop on something I have no familiarity with.

I can’t even say I’ve been productive on netflix…I started “Good Morning Call” and watched an anime I’ve never seen(had a good story line and excellent animation but was really effing depressing) Basically I’ve had hulu up with South Park on in the background as just noise. I’ve gotten to where I am bored and burnt out on almost everything. Bleh.

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