The Date // short lesbian romance film

Lesbian dating is like looking for a job: you either have to do it online or be referred.

I don’t like the dating game. I don’t play it. I don’t have game myself, and I don’t even want it. Dating for fun is cool for you if it tickles your fancy. I’m the type of person who feels too much for that. I’m going to get attached and catch feels. I don’t know how not to, if I vibe with you well. Like, it’s fucking inevitable. I’m not heartless. I use to keep my metaphorical romantic heart on lockdown, the key a place only I knew, and now…I don’t.

"The Date" short landscape film poster, ft. two women kissing

Watching Love Alarm put me in a rom-com mood, but there’s nothing quite like the cute, wholesome romances I accidentally fall upon — so when they end, it’s saddening and I just want some gay ish.

Netflix has been lacking in quality gay content lately, so I turned to Amazon Prime Video and found The Date, a short lesbian film.

(Watch the 14-minute — not even that — film or risk spoilers.)

One: All women are stalkers. You get into one, and from there it’s honestly a race to see which one of you is going to look for the other on Facebook first.

Two: Why is going on lots of dates normal? Like, I don’t want that, and maybe that’s why I’m still so single. I don’t want to go on 20 dates within three months just to maybe find someone, just because I’m so fucking picky.

Three: I’m not totally sure what the story is, behind a successful date? It’s short. So. I don’t know.

Four: End credits feature lesbian couples saying which apps they met and their stories.

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