How I suppress my Tourette tics when they’re too painful to endure

Common triggers:

  • allergies
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • caffeine
  • excitement
  • exhaustion
  • fatigue
  • reading too much/eye strain
  • pain
  • physical illness
  • stress

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Methods that work for me:

  • chamomile tea – Sips by has been out of my fave for too long
  • HOT bath – sit in tub whilst it fills up so I’m like a frog in a pot waiting to boil
  • salt bath – dead sea salt is my fave
  • sleep – when all else fails

What doesn’t work for me:

  • being told not to focus on it – tics are involuntary and can cause a lot of pain, especially when done in repetition (which is precisely what Tourette syndrome is)
  • coffee/caffeine – this actually makes them worse, so I don’t understand why it’s a common recommendation by parents/websites
  • eating “well”
  • exercise
  • learning how to “control” them & then being expected to control them – this is literally the concept of actively working against a natural function
  • suppressing it
  • yoga

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