Because 2017.

I have written this post several times, and each time, nothing felt right.

So I’m just gonna list stuff instead, ’cause who really cares if this is a lazy-like post instead of my usual carefully-articulated, I-really-hope-this-makes-me-sound-smart-and-talented posts, typically written when I’m wide-awake.

Because I’m not bloody awake. I am sitting before my grandmother’s laptop, eyes drooping and throat drier than a cat’s tongue, writing this on the evening of 28 December so I can schedule it—because my paternal family’s Christmas dinner is on the first day in 2017, which is really stretching it. It’s difficult to sync over 30 people’s schedules to allow them to come together for one day. And with the gift-unwrapping tradition—one-by-one, youngest to oldest, savoring every freaking gift—it will be dark before they all go home, after which I will shower, blow-dry my hair, possibly see if Pixels or Jurassic World is available to watch for the over-twentieth time, maybe read a book, and literally fall into bed. ???

I’m also writing it now, ’cause I’m making chocolate-covered pretzels for the potluck. And I would like to try adding SunButter to that, because yes. I also want fam to stop being babies about vegan, free-from foods and lead them to think it’s maybe peanut butter. ? (What is it with people and free-from foods?)

I mentioned some changes in a #LizLately post.

So I guess I should address some of those.

But first: Last year, I read 16 books. This year, I’d like to read 17. I’m way surprised I even surpassed one book, and it’s so weird how the quantity of books flew by so fast, almost feeling like nothing—and yet remembering the lot of the books I read. It’s not a goal, but a challenge. ✊

I dislike how I currently blog about my life.

I’m less personal. Shit happens, and I lock up. ?

Trying to blog every other day grew exhausting, especially as I tried to experience life more. I’ll be moving to an every-three-days schedule of some sort this year.

I want to write more. I finish a book, and then it’s like writing is my new BFF all over again, with all the keys to the doors dripping into buckets. I also want 100 rejections. I want to write for other sites and print magazines. ?

I’m changing so I will love me, and I’m taking my blog with me.

I grew tired of, so I renamed it to

I dislike writing link love posts and sticking to loads of series, so I’m not gonna.

I’m working on things behind the scenes I’m excited about, but it will a whileeee, which means I will tease you endlessly until some kind of an actual sneak peek comes. One has to do with—oh, wait, I’m not telling yet. ?

I’m a work-in-progress.

I’m always learning. I’m always contradicting myself, because I’m human; that’s what we do when we learn from our experiences.

I’m nowhere near complete, but here’s to 2017 and working on my masterpiece! Happy new year! ???

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Having to sync 30 people’s schedules sounds like a nightmare! At least there is a perfect time to do a two-in-one celebration :’). I don’t know why people hate on vegan/free-form foods. They’re healthy and guilt-free XD.

Good luck with your challenges this year! I’m looking forward to the changes you’ll bring to your blog and yourself. Everyone is always a work-in-progress. That’s the beauty of life :). There are other things to strive for.

Happy new year!

Happy new year! ??

You are by far one of my favourite bloggers in terms of staying true to yourself. I always like the stuff you write and I think this is your defining year, and I feel like other people may not get that because I know you on a more personal level. But I am rooting for you in every which way. ?

This really struck me as something I could relate to:

It’s difficult to sync over 30 people’s schedules to allow them to come together for one day.

It reminds me of trying to meet up with even just one person for one lunch or one dinner. Why is it so damn difficult?! I think people keep asking, “When are you free?” and the answer should be a suggested date, instead of, “When are you free?” I have instead used the bullet approach and just shot out a date and a time at the person, then they are likely to respond back with a yes, or a “counteroffer” and give another date. Works out much better.

I don’t know why people hate free-from foods. I think they are under the impression that it doesn’t taste great. I believe they are just misinformed because it seems like only health food freaks eat free-from foods, and therefore they think it doesn’t taste great.