Triplets: I’m bored.

Me: Read a book.

Triplet #2: Books are boring!

Me: Books are only boring if you’re reading the wrong books.

Triplet #3: But actually, all books are boring.

Me: Only because they’re the wrong books.

Triplet #1: Then all books are the wrong books.

Me: 🤦

The Triplets are not actually triplets, but rather the three youngest boys. I started calling them triplets because their names rolled off my tongue all mixed up and they were always blaming each other for everything, regardless of who started what and who’s guilty of what.

Plus, they shared a room and were most often caught doing things they shouldn’t together, so it just fits.

  • Triplet #1 is the oldest
  • Triplet #2 is the middle
  • Triplet #3 is the youngest

Quite self-explanatory, ’cause that’s how I roll.

#Convos are random conversations sans the context.

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