Camp Cretaceous Episode 1×03 Recap: The Cattle Drive

One thing I’m for sure love aboutCamp Cretaceous is how fast-paced it is. There are no filler episodes, and they don’t miss a best for unbridled character development. 🙃


We thought it was safe

Darius tells a scary story over a campfire. Ben holds onto Kenji for comfort. Brooklyn snaps a shot for her blog, then runs out of space. Darius is upset.

Sammy suggests involving Yasmina, but Brooklyn says she might want to be alone. Kenji explains that some people just want to be left alone, but Sammy laughs.

The campers run inside when it starts raining. Brooklyn says the story was a waste of time.

Sammy tries to befriend Yasmina, who says she likes her shell.

Do they not have teenagers in England?

The kids are excited to drive the gyrospheres as park personnel move the dinosaurs to fresh grazing lands across the islands.

Kenji is disappointed to be paired with Ben, as a passenger. Sammy and Yasmina are paired together. Darius wants to ride solo, but is paired with Brooklyn.

Roxie claims teenagers can be accepting if they’re given a half chance and that Darius should be himself. Dave is baffled.

Let the herding begin!

Two gyrospheres zoom off after Dave announces the go ahead.

Ben crashes into the back of the jeep. Kenji stares at the camp counselors blankly, turning his head with the gyrosphere window to view them.

Park personnel herd the herbivores on four-wheelers.

Sammy asked Yasmina several questions, to her dismay. Yasmina jerks the gyrosphere so Sammy hits the side of it and stops talking.

Darius shares his excitement, but Brooklyn is depressed over blog comments. He tries to share an animal fact, but she reacts rudely. She apologizes, but insults him again.

Kenji insists Ben is the worst driver, who believes he’s the safest.

Cattle drive

Thunder crashes and causes tension with the dinosaurs, making the environment dangerous for the campers. The camp counselors stress that they need to return to camp, but the radio is out, so they go ahead to tell the park personnel personally. They tell the kids to stay behind the herd.

Darius convinces Brooklyn to go after a sinoceratops that ran away due to thunder. Sammy doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Yasmina goes anyway. Ben declines, but Kenji drives ahead.

Sammy and Yasmina in the gyrosphere

When Brooklyn nearly loses her phone due to bumps, she creates a phone mount with her gum.

Ben and Kenji fight over driving the gyrosphere. Sammy tries to warn her fellow campers about herding animals, but they don’t listen and the sinoceratops spooks the herd just as she predicted.

Straying from the herd

The dinosaurs stray from the herd and trample the jeep, at the risk of Roxie and Dave. The kids spin in their gyrospheres due to the herd.

A fallen tree blocks Sammy and Yasmina from continuing.

Ben and Kenji fight over driving the gyrosphere. They hit a tree and come to a stop upside down.

Brooklyn and Darius land a short distance away from the sinoceratops. Brooklyn rushes out, and Darius runs after. A few seconds later, the sinoceratops bellows and the kids run screaming back into the gyrosphere. The sinoceratops pokes the gyrosphere with her horn and throws it. They spin to a stop, but start sinking.

Cowgirl for the win

Sammy and Yasmina stack sticks on the tree to use as a ramp to drive over the tree and save Brooklynn and Darius.

On the way, they see Ben and Kenji. Ben won’t let go of Kenji. The four ride in the girls’ gyrosphere. Ben brings up exceeding the maximum occupancy.

Darius and Brooklyn can’t open the gyrosphere, which is halfway sunk. The two start losing hope, but Sammy reaches out via Bluetooth. Yasmina and Kenji fail to pull the gyrosphere out.

Sammy approaches the sinoceratops by putting her hand out and feeding the dinosaur a branch. She ties a vine contraption to the sinoceratops, luring her with food, to pull the gyrosphere out of the sinkhole.

Ben worries as Sammy finishes tying a vine around the sinoceratops
Dave and Roxie arrive, shocked by the scene in front of them.

You could have been killed!

Roxie is upset with the campers, telling them to stay in their bunk. They ride the elevator to their bunk.

Yasmina tells Sammy they wouldn’t have had problems if everyone had just listened to her. She’s bad at trusting people and shares answers to all of Sammy’s questions from earlier, then shows her sketchbook.

Never a dull day at Camp Cretaceous

Brooklyn and Darius bond over wanting people to like them, even if their situations are different.

While Brooklyn edits the video for her Brooklanders, she sees Sammy swabbing the sinoceratops’s cheek and putting the sample tube into her pocket.

Sammy watches on in horror, backing away slowly.

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