Camp Cretaceous Episode 1×02 Recap: Secrets

😭 How can you not fall in love with this show? I ask, knowing full well I’m obsessed because it’s a special interest.


No big deal 🤢

Darius tells Kenji to check for a raptor skull in the bones on the ground because it worked in the video game, but Kenji doesn’t. Darius falls on the ground and crawls backwards.

The lights suddenly turn on, and Roxie drops steaks. Blue instead runs for the kids. Dave pulls them out, and the gate shuts after. He says he does it all the time, then pukes. Park staff arrive to secure the paddock.

Big trouble

The boys’ stay at the park is now at risk. Darius is upset with Kenji, who brushes it off at first.

Brooklyn receives a warning for sneaking out.

Darius takes the blame, saying he jumped into the pit and Kenji was trying to save him.

Roxie is confused, clarifying that Darius “the dino-genius” was saved by Kenji, who thinks dinosaurs went extinct because “their farts turned the air trashy”.

Dave recommends taking it as learning from experience, and Roxie relents.

The next day, they’re on poop duty while the campers go to the genetics lab.

Darius standing next to dinosaur poo with a shovel and cologne
Dave gave Darius and Kenji cologne to deal with the smell

To the lab

Brooklyn stresses about losing followers, who are asking for cool stuff when she just got there. Ben bathes himself in hand sanitizer because of “creepy dino goo”.

“The world is a grab bag of gross, and we’re all just along for the moist, sticky roller coaster ride called life.” ~ Ben

Yasmina uses the bottle, too.

Roxie asks about the tour, but Dr. Wu explains that Mr. Masrani accelerated the time table for the newest exhibit. He tells Brooklyn not to record in the lab, to which she uses reverse psychology to convince him to allow her because without him, there’s no Jurassic World.

This bites!

Darius is mad because Kenji is the reason they’re shoveling poop into buckets instead of going to the lab, which is his dream.

Kenji says that a dream is like when you save a bunch of mermaids from a shark.

Kenji claims he’s been to the park multiple times and might be willing to show Darius around. He uses reverse psychology to convince Darius of the once in a lifetime opportunity. He leads him down a tunnel to another part of the jungle. Kenji calls himself a Jurassic World VIP.

Not possible

Back in the lab, Brooklyn films Dr. Wu. Sammy asks, “What’s that?” repeatedly. He’s disappointed when one of the eggs hatches early to reveal an asymmetrical ankylosaurus. Ben is grossed out, but catches the dino when he rolls off the table.

The dinosaurs are supposed to incubate for 13 weeks, but this one is one week early.

Brooklyn backs away and smirks towards Dr. Wu’s private office.

When Kenji promises, Kenji delivers

Kenji leads Darius out of the tunnel to see a carnotaurus. He claims to know where he’s going.

Top secret Jurassic World intel

Brooklyn bumps into Sammy in the hall, who claims she was looking for the bathroom. Brooklyn enters the restricted area. The office contains only a white board, a desk and an egg incubator.

The desktop computer has documentation about E750’s clinical trial results.

She tries to open the “Classified” folder, but instead the computer flashes a red and white lock screen while beeping, then shuts off. The desk has a flash drive and papers. Before she can fully look at a paper on the Indominous Rex, Dr. Wu turns on the lights.

I can’t believe this.

Darius and Kenji navigate the jungle. Kenji asks where the fence is, and Darius suggests going back so they don’t get into trouble with Kenji’s dad. Kenji says he lied about it because he didn’t want to get in trouble; his dad is actually never around.

Darius wonders aloud if there is no carnotaurus, but Kenji insists there is.

They hear metal clang and head towards the noise to see a fence. The boys look through the bars. Darius inspects the fence more closely and realizes they’re on the wrong side of the fence.

The carnotaurus walks up behind them.

Carnotaurus behind Darius and Kenji


Dr. Wu returns to the main lab with Brooklyn. Ben asks about Bumpy. Dr. Wu emphasized the asset will be released with the herd of ankylosauruses, making her their problem.

Bumpy cries for Ben, who glimpses at the dinosaur before the door shuts.


Darius and Kenji run for their lives, with Kenji tripping over a tree. Darius recommends zigzagging, because the carnotaurus is not fast on turns.

They reach another fence and exist through a small rectangular section that shuts behind Kenji. He tries to open it, but runs when the carnotaurus approaches.

Darius is upset, but Kenji returns with a tree branch that works to open the rectangle just in time for Darius to escape. The carnotaurus hurts her head on the fence.

The boys taunt the dinosaur, with Kenji nicknaming her Toro because of the horns. She bangs her head against the fence, knocking them on their feet.

You do know farts didn’t kill the dinosaurs, right?

The boys pant as the campers arrive at their work area, with Roxie asking why.

Four campers in back of Jeep Gladiator, Roxie looking outside driver side window at Darius, who has a shovel

Yasmina tells them that Ben fell in love with a dinosaur and “Super Star” got them banned from the lab.

Roxie tells them to take a shower and drive off. Ben says to use lots of soap.

The boys vow not to share what happened with Toro to avoid more trouble.

Lights out

That night, a shadowy figure walks in the jungle. A drone lands on the ground, and the person inserts a flash drive.

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