A Day in the Life: December 2016

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A Day in the Life is a monthly linkup passed down to me from Georgie. I created a page for the series and listed dates for the first three months. I’ll try to keep on with the prompts where I can. I chose random ones today, because my days been random lately.

Georgie also made for me a year’s worth of graphics for this series, so #winning. ???

A random note from today:

There are 80g of frozen raspberries in the smaller-seeming freezer smoothie pack in the freezer. (It’s important for me to know this, because I have my second batch of raspberries freezing and need 125g of raspberries for the recipe.)

Something I accomplished today is…

Crawling out of bed. ? It’s so warm under my blankets. I guess, if you’re still cold after you’ve put on more clothes and covered yourself in blankets, the heater needs to be turned up. Or TURNT UP.

I feel like maybe I used that wrong. ?

Today, I learned…

I can blow-dry my hair straight. My hair is dry sooner, and I don’t have to fry it with a straight iron. I’ve straightened it so long it must have taken the hint. It’s a bit of a long and tedious process, but leads to less tangles and allows me to go to bed with straight, untangled hair—which means less knots!

The time right now is…

7:05pm (CST)

Today, I’m grateful for…

Having to get up at seven in the morning to fix an accident on my blog before actually going to sleep. I witnessed many birds outside the backdoor window enjoying the bird feed. I saw a white dove fly from a bird feeder to the birth bath. I didn’t have my glasses on, but the only white birds of that size here are white doves. ?

Seeing the birds actually eat the food I put out there reminds me I’m part of something bigger than myself—the world; it keeps me grounded. ?

Later, I’m going to…

Have a mini spa with some samples that were sent to me, watch a movie, listen to music, and write. I’m also going to finish freezing my fruit and organizing it into smoothie packs.

One word to describe today (no cheating!):


A photo from today

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*sigh* I always forget that I want to participate in this until I come across the next post. 😛 I think I need to write myself reminders. :/ Of course, I’d probably ignore them. Anyhow, I love raspberries…actually just fruit in general. Haha I definitely agree that crawling out of a warm, cozy bed is a major accomplishment – I have the same trouble and in fact, it’s very difficult for me to not climb back in there right now. 🙂 Ugh…I need to write as well – my next blog post and add some to my novels. Am I the only one who finds it hard to be motivated when the weather is ick? And I just noticed that I can do A Day in The Life on any day of the month?!

A Day in the Life can always be on any day of the month. 😉 It’s just recommended on the designated day so as to give varying perspectives throughout the year.

I love how the monthly linkup is being passed down rather than being left to die. Hehe, it sounds like you’re having a blast with portioning out your smoothie ingredients ;). It’s a good thing that you don’t need to bring out the straight iron because abusing that can be pretty damaging. You are legit with being the boss of your own schedule ;).

Having to get up at seven in the morning to fix an accident on my blog before actually going to sleep.


Mmmm I had some raspberries yesterday. I like that they are not as sweet as other fruits!

I never used to blow-dry my hair. I just let it dry naturally. These days I do blow-dry it, but my hair is naturally straight so I just tip my head upside down and blow-dry the roots so it doesn’t go too flat. I am afraid of using a straightener (and I don’t have one) because it directly touches the hair and I feel might be more damaging. Every now and then I like to wave the ends with my hair curler, though. ?


I usually let it dry naturally, but it’s been too cold to leave wet lately. ?

Straighteners are damaging to hair, yeah. ? But I dislike it when it’s wavy and all that jazz, because then it’s just annoying. I just straighten my hair on the lowest heat I can.