A Day in the Life: July 2017

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A Day in the Life is a linkup in which bloggers share about their day-to-day lives. I forgot last month’s.

I’ve been nursing an allergic reaction to yeast (explained a little in my FAQ, if you’re genuinely interested), and Grandmama had surgery—so when I’m not helping her, I’m trying to keep food in me and conserve my energy. I’m taking a lot of naps thus far, because my body fighting yeast like it’s a foreign object is exhausting.

As a result, this month’s “prompts” are going to be pretty basic; as always, you can share about your day this month however you wish!


I was up at 7:40am, because I had to make Grandmama oatmeal for breakfast so she would’ve try to do it herself. I fed the birds.

I had the last half of the soup I made last night for dinner, then felt rather sick. I asked my aunt Charan if she could bring me a liter of Canada Dry ginger ale (my preferred brand, though at this point, Seagram’s would’ve sufficed) once she got off work, if she didn’t get off too late, because I can’t take any form of laxatives/anti-nausea meds (e.g. Tums, Pepto) or else it’ll delay the body’s natural process of ridding itself of an allergen (and that’s the last thing I want).

She had my uncle bring me some, and some moments after having a sip, I felt MUCH better, so I made some Idahoan mashed potatoes, and oh. my. gosh. Instant potatoes have been upgraded, you guys.


On one of her “little walks” (so she doesn’t remain too dormant during her recovery), she saw I’d made mashed potatoes and opted to have some, with brown gravy, which was easy for me. 🙂

I did some of the dishes as I prepared it.

I watched the pilot episode of Trollhunters, because I wanted something animated and suitable for a child, but also satisfactory for a childless adult—it’s my go-to comfort for my eyes when I can’t be bothered to think. I’ve watched all things related to How to Train Your Dragon, and I’m not usually in the mood to rewatch anything when I need it for soothing results/whatever you wish to call it.

Sometime around 2pm, she started napping, so I napped, too, because I’m so exhausted.


I slept until around 6:30pm or so. One of Gmama’s friends were coming over, so I got the mail, then did the rest of the dishes.

For dinner, we had another package of the instant potatoes (+ the small bit leftover from lunch), plus a can of sweet peas—buttered, though I removed 1/4 cup for myself because I’m not too big on buttering my veggies—and she had some of her leftover gravy.

We had dinner rather late.


  • I showered.
  • I ate the rest of the mashed potatoes from dinner.
  • The food has thus far remained in, and my stomach no longer feels like it’s consuming itself from the inside out. (!)
  • I have a small load of clothes in the wash. I’m feeling sensitive right now in terms of what sort of sensory input happens, so I am only wearing clothes that aren’t too tight and don’t have annoying tags.
  • I’m likely gonna go back to watching Trollhunters after this, because I’m feeling very blah and incoherent; my coherence comes in episodes, just like the symptoms of the allergic reaction and my energy.

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