A Day in the Life: November 2014

Hi! I did things today!

Many of the pictures are from Instagram, but I think having a variety really works out and makes it cool, and ah… maybe not.

I went to the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo yesterday, and it was really, really awesome and eye-opening.

circa 7:40am: The picture is of me having — quite literally — just awoken. I didn’t sleep much; I’ve not been sleeping well and also been having back problems lately (may be from le bed). I went to the expo Saturday on literally three-and-a-half hours of sleep max. Friday I slept until six at night, though, so I guess it wasn’t too bad. I have acne ’cause I touched my face with lotion-y hands last week. Yay.

circa 9am: We couldn’t find the entrance. People we ran into couldn’t find it, either. If you’re going Sunday, park on the side of Market Hall that faces the Holiday Inn, and go around to the front of the building; that’s the entrance, contrary to what the signs on the building tell you.

circa 9:30am: The photobooth! The little hand on Charlise’s arm is her son Charlie. I, um… I fit all basically all their signs, but I could only hold two. There’s another version of this on Instagram!

circa 10am or before: I used to always say, “I don’t like beer,” but the ones I tasted weren’t like the usual disgusting-smelling/tasting beers. My favorite was Mike’s, hands down. I wouldn’t drink it often because of my allergies, but I would drink it for fun, just to enjoy.

The booths collage

After this, we went to many booths (the beer booths were, like, the first ones on the nut-frees (tree nuts and peanuts) isle, which was the isle I chose for us to go down first.

I plan to write about these booths later, so I’m just going to post a collage for now. 🙂

(I will come back to label these.)

Home, alas

Because I wanted to see what all there was and really get the feel of what an expo is like — and because it was just cool/fun — Charlise and I went to almost every booth. We haven’t finished, of course. A lot of the vendors were super nice! 😀

And then I had dinner. It was in my swag bag and super delish!

I was pretty drunk when we went home. I had less than 8oz of alcohol, probably barely even 5oz… does this make me a lightweight? I was so fgdshjhkjdsjgfd. And then I slept it off.

What did you do today?

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Mike’s is one of my favorites when I am in the mood for a sweet alcoholic drink (I go through phases where I want them, then phases where I prefer wine or non-sweet beer). I like their lemonade, the apple firebomb, and the blood orange.

I enjoyed their “Crisp Apple” one! 🙂