A Day in the Life: September 2016

Funny (not really) thing: I scheduled the remaining days in my calendar for the Day in the Life series, received this month’s notification for it, and yet totally forgot all about it until Georgie put up her post for it. #fail

Then I started reading a book, which I soon began to value over precious desktop time. Honestly, you’re lucky I took time away from it to type this post. ?

As this is written mostly via my phone (because #DeadLaptop), typos may ensue and will not likely be fixed until later, when I am on the desktop again.

  1. Awoke circa noon. Tried to sleep until last alarm sounded at 1:51. No go.
  2. Got up, got ready to go to store for water (on sale).
  3. Picked up two thick Sunripe fruit leathers after digging through the granola bars for the thinner, cooler-flavored fruit leather. Nada. Also grabbed a 99-cent pack of gum.
  4. Returned home, unloaded waters, changed clothes, snapped pictures of receipt for Receipt Hog, then started reading. Lunch = fruit leather. It’s apparently bad when a special interest takes precedence over important things, like food and showering and potty breaks. (I have a toddler brother. “Potty” is an integral part of my vocabulary, as funny and childish as it sounds.?)
  5. Grandmama eventually notifies me of warm banana muffins resting in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I keep reading my suspenseful romance novel without even looking up.
  6. I finish the chapter four pages later, but am greeted by room temperature muffins. I’m disappointed. I know I have a problem. You’ll probz read about it in the form of a character’s alcoholism later. I’m just approximately sixty pages away from finishing, so this will all be over soon.
  7. My right eye starts twitching again, forcing me to acknowledge my reading is officially a problem and my eyes need a rest.
  8. I unload and reload the dishwasher after grabbing my cool boyfriend, Pepsi, from the fridge. ? My eye stops twitching, so I consider reading again. It starts twitching again.
  9. Desktop it is. ?
  10. I respond to an email between Georgie and I, then do other email-y things.
  11. I fix Georgie’s image for my interview series (debuts 6th October?) and decide to just do the srcset stuff because I have fallen in love with the idea of “smarter browsers” and at least 50 percent of my non-computer-that-is-mine annoyances stem from my inability to adequately, and in a timely manner, update all my images to be responsive images. ?
  12. I download, upload and organize the book cover for the book I’m reading into my img directory. Briefly, a memory of the MySpace days when I would stuff “sign” vector templates into an img directory marquees in my mind before I decide I don’t totally miss those days, even if they did seem simpler.
  13. I learn my uncle’s coming over to do something, so I start wrapping up my tasks. I dislike having to stop mid-task, so I’d rather do tasks in small quantities than be interrupted when I’m testing out major changes to the functions.php file, for example. ‘Tis too tedious and too risky. ?
  14. I go back to my room and and consider reading. My eye starts twitching again.
  15. To fold clothes or start this post?
  16. This post.
  17. I take a break when I hit #17. I consider reading. The idea has been itching at me ever since I took my boyfriend in my right hand.
  18. I heat up some spaghetti Grandmama made to avoid wasting the rest of the sauce and read for a while. Withdrawal are just too much sometimes.
  19. I actually wound up reading more of the book than I intended. Again, the contents of its pages took precedence over my hunger.
  20. Today, I added links to my Choose to Cook posts on my press page, which I’m working to build up for a) bragging rights, b) because-I-want-to reasons and c) to have a showcase of my outside writing and features. I mean, why not? I made it a page because I felt it worked best as one. I linked them because my author link just points to the main site.
  21. I uploaded some more images to my img directory.
  22. I realized hej.gay defies my love for short domains, coming in at 13 characters total. I make up for it when assigning slugs, though I started doing shorter slugs when 6birds.net was still my blog’s domain. I intended to change to hej.gay, though. Most of me knew I’d be changing my blog’s location to Janepedia before I’d originally intended. I was just in denial, battling laziness, and holding onto the idea that I had to stay at 6birds.net until I was at least 80. Ugh. Look at me. At this rate, I’ll probably be posting a love letter on my blog’s seventh birthday in February instead of a blogging lessons post. ?
  23. Whilst I’m posting this after 10pm, I’ll probably finish the aforementioned book tonight or after midnight tomorrow, but before I sleep. ?
  24. My bout with reading has made me realise a post on special interests is probably overdue. ?

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Comments on this post

It’s awesome how technology progressed in a way that we can write blog posts from our phone XD. Imagine doing that on a flip phone with the T9 pad!

I’ve seen people who are heavily involved with their babies integrating “baby vocabulary” into their lives even when they’re interacting with adults. There was a guy at my old work (with a cute baby) who whispered, “I gotta go pee-pee.” to himself. XD.

Marquee goes way back in the MySpace days! “Welcome to ___’s Page”. I wonder if it’ll ever be back in season…

Sounds like you had a good day! I love it when I spend my day getting some cool web stuff done :D.