My laptop died

I was tired, having just finished watching a tear-jerking movie on Netflix. My half-full water bottle was uncapped, the lid leasing space on the laptop itself. I tend to drink a lot of water, so closing it and opening it constantly seemed so pointless. It’s no different from what I typically do, and when I leave my desk, I always screw the cap back on so as to avoid anything bad happening. I’ve been paranoid lately that something like this would happen.

I get clumsy when I’m tired. It’s worse when I’m awake, in that my tired-clumsy is more along the lines of what I imagine drunk people are like. My only knowledge of what they’re actually like is what I see on television and in movies, so whether such is accurate, my perception of drunk people are as described above.

I closed my laptop and pulled my arms back to me. In the process, my left arm grazed my water bottle.

What happened thereafter was a bit of freezing before I finally did anything: I was shocked. For a whole two seconds, I tried to figure out what had just happened. On the third second, I finally began assessing the spill. The manual for my new phone, Keely Teslow (“Phil of the Future”, anyone?), was soaked, as that is where the spill began. My light was off, so I was working in the dark. I picked up my laptop and set it to the right, about a foot from the spill. Once I was positive it was stable, I stepped back and pulled the chain to turn on the light. My eyes stung a bit. All I wanted to do was sleep.

I grabbed a few Kleenex tissues. They were all I had on my desk, and I wasn’t totally with it. Half-awake me is pretty much useless, honestly, and I don’t remember if I took an antihistamine or not, but I digress.

I opened the laptop and noticed some water had spilled onto the keyboard. See, the laptop hadn’t fully shut when I knocked over the water bottle, so water could have splashed inside.

But I did nothing but clean up the water from the desk. I grabbed a washrag I had on my bed and worked to soak up the spill. I wiped up the water as best I could on the laptop…and then I considered, for all of thirty seconds, whether I needed to stay up and look up on my phone what to do, before shrugging it off, shutting the laptop so it would go into sleep mode, and going into the bathroom to put small, Christmas-themed square note sheets Christine sent me via snail mail between each page of the English section of Keely’s manual so I’d not lose important instructions. And then I went to bed. I downloaded some word game to play and checked on my Neko Atsume cats. Eventually, I fell asleep.

I also learned my lesson. I should have removed the battery and AC adaptor ASAP. But this kind of thing hadn’t ever happened to me before. Sure, I’d gotten minor bits of food, like pizza and mashed potatoes and cantaloupe, on the keyboard, but it’d always been fine after. It didn’t shut off on me (i.e. die) after I woke it back up, logged in and got all of three clicks maximum in.

I’m writing this via my phone’s Chrome browser, which I got into thanks to my decision to make use of LastPass (referral link; we’ll each get a free month of premium?) and actually add logins to it when prompted, in addition to the WordPress app. It kinda makes logging in to sites easier, I think. I can also save stuff to the Chrome app so it’ll be able to log me in, so that’s nice, too.

I’m available via email if anyone needs me. I’m gonna be slow, most likely, until I can get my hands on a replacement laptop. My priority with mine is salvaging the hard drive. If nothing else can be saved, likely thanks to my absentminded self allowing circuit shorts to go down and throw parties, my hard drive is the most important part.

I’ve got my eyes on an adequate replacement laptop, it’s just a matter of figuring out the money for it. The holidays are coming up, as is the expo, and ugh. Its just really horrible, terrible timing. ?

So yeah. That’s the story of how I killed my laptop. ????????

[Obligatory typing-on-my-phone notice.]

P.S. I shared a recipe ?

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That really totally blows. 🙁 I am glad we can still communicate though. I’m just kinda angry at your laptop for dying on you like that. Y U NO SURVIVE WATER DAMAGE!

Hugs <3

I know, right? ??

But ugh, yes, def. Where would I be without group chat? It’s like a slumber party. ?

Also YAS HUGS. ❤?