Liz Lately #34

I’ve not felt like blogging about anything I felt interesting lately, because I’ve fallen into my typical Blogging Funk, so I decided to fill you guys in on what I’ve been up to latelyβ€”even though I’ve used “lately” thrice in this sentence now and this marks a third life updates post in a row. πŸ˜’

I wrote the abbreviation for “number”, because it’s easier for me to share my posts via the share links when they don’t cut off the number signs and the rest of the title.~

Collage of photos I've taken lately and posted to Instagram (@ijanelively)
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Albertson’s and Tom Thumb merged, so I have more organic foods available locally and needn’t find a way to Sprouts via a hassle. I’m hoping they bring in more of the brands I like, because then I’d be able to do more grocery shopping locally. 😌

I spent the lot of April eating ice cream! 🍦 I had a coupon for a tub of Breyer’s, or two other brands, for $2.99. I got Chocolate Mint Chocolate Chip, because they had not the simple green-colored Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. πŸ˜’ I won’t be getting the doubly chocolate one anymore, because that was too much chocolate for me. I like hints of chocolate. 🍫

I requested Mamma Chia coupons and received four! I can use them on any Mamma Chia product for a dollar off per two items, but the savings are big even if I only bought Mamma Chia Squeezes with them, in that I basically get two for free (or something like that). 😏 I love coupons, you guys. πŸ˜‰ You can download or request them to be mailed (US residents only) on their site. β†’

I started typing up a post about the garage sale, but paused. There was some weird shit this round. I’ll try to finish it, but after…I’m just gonna be done with talking about it for a while. Some people just suck. πŸ˜”

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. I watched all of Girlboss, as painful as that was, and binged on Scandal. Watching TV shows and movies is therapeutic, in that I can escape myself and my life and live variously through another for a little while. I think being autistic and thus having special interests makes it easier, though, because from allistics I’ve seen and talked to, they don’t risk dehydration or starvation from the things that occupy them and have the switch in their heads to know when to pull back from something; they don’t get obsessed. I find it weird, but maybe allistics find my behavior surrounding my own special interests equally weird. πŸ’

There are also lessons in watching such things; it’s not a complete waste, but you do have to be open-minded and give a show or movie a real chance.

I’ve been craving strawberry Pop-Tarts, but I think I’d rather have the pastry tarts of WHATEVER the brand is that’s always at the GFAF Expo. I should probably pay more attention next time before just hanging around their booth and eating their samples. πŸ˜… Speaking of which, at the same booth is Udi’s, who has these delicious, get-in-my-mouth NOW frozen dinner pastas you heat up in a skillet. UNF. Albertson’s now carries them. 😍😘😏

I know not precisely what they’re called, but I know the package…that’s all that’s important to me. (Don’t you hate it when your fave brands change their packaging? 😧 Totally messes with my grocery shopping vibe.)

I was featured on Beyond Your Blog (!) for a post regarding target publications; there’ll be a follow-up next year. 😳 Fingers crossed! I was also interviewed on another blog, and those are always fun. 😏

Not having a laptop is starting to eat me up bad. At first, it’s like, “Oh, yeah, I can deal. I’ll be fine,” once you get over the withdrawals, but then time passes and you realise, “Hey, it’s not just a materialistic object, but something I do actually need in order to function in the world today.” πŸ˜ͺ😣 Last year, I missed out on a rent-to-own opportunity, or whatever you call paying for a laptop in monthly payments over a year, because I’d been convinced a relative could get me “a better deal”, but πŸ˜’ lesson: don’t take for granted people who are not skilled with the internet when it comes to something you’re looking for on the internet. Amazon has the lowest prices as far as I’ve seen; they tout themselves for having the lowest prices. πŸ˜–

But I’m living with my choices. I don’t want to talk about it, don’t need to be lectured on ideas of how to fund one unless you’ve something within my limits and current abilities, etc., because I appreciate not this need to give unsolicited solutions for things. πŸ˜’

I will get one eventually. Shit happens. Life sucks sometimes. Mine sucks a lot of the time. The tag doesn’t exist for shits and giggles. πŸ’

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