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  • Sipping a Strawberry-Banana Mamma Chia
  • Listening to the AC, a clock tick, the phone ringing (sorry, Aunt Charan, I’m inhaling a Mamma Chia right now)
  • Texting Charan a picture of said Mamma Chia with “I missed answering bc busy lol”
  • Annoyed by the song in my head: Don’t Wanna Know

  • Missing Mamma Chia pouches
  • Wishing I bought more

Yes, Mamma Chia is a Big Deal. No, this isn’t new, and noβ€”it’s not a sponsored post.

Mamma Chia is my obsession. I haven’t been able to fill you guys in on it as much, because up until yesterday, my most obtainable source of Mamma Chia nearby was a bulk order from Amazon or what I could grab at the GFAF Expo.

I just perused their website, and this six-count variety pack is hella tempting to subscribe to, even if I’d be passing on the mango coconut.

They’re $1.99 at Albertson’s; six would be $11.94β€”though five would be $9.95. Ah, and shipping even for the subscription estimates to $5.99. Perhaps the Cherry Beet flavor is at Target. Now that they’re at Albertson’s, though, I feel like I could give them a flavor request form. 😏

FINALLY: Garage sale

Our garage sale is this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, so I’m busy getting ready for that. I most likely will not be blogging much. πŸ˜” So sad. πŸ˜₯ So heartbreaking. πŸ’” So devastating. 😭

But the money I hope to make from my garage sale stuff? 😍 (Where is the emoji with dollar signs? I need one of those, mkay.) πŸ€‘

I’m really hoping having more space and less crap will allow me to get more organised. I’ve been realising a lot about myself lately, from preparing for this, like how I’m not into filling every blank space in a room with something, despite my family all having those thoughts. The minimalist lifestyle appeals to me most because I always see people having a lot of physical whitespace in their living quarters, though that’s probz just the result of great interior design. πŸ˜…

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That’s great about the Mamma Chia. πŸ˜€ Hopefully you can score a good deal. πŸ˜€

Good luck with the garage sale! Sounds like it is a complicated experience. *hug*

I have to admit I’m a bit of a fan of Maroon 5’s new music (I LOVE Cold), but that’s partly because my CD player is broken in my car so I’m stuck listening to the radio and rotating through the same 6 stations that play current music. So I’m trying to enjoy it instead of grumbling miserably during all of my driving. Grrr.

I have no idea what Mamma Chia is, but it looks interesting! Like something I’ve probably seen before but never really paid much attention to. Good luck with your garage sale! Hopefully you make some money from it. I like going to garage sales, but I’m not a fan of having my own. I think it’s my dislike for random people coming to my front yard, ha.

Mamma Chia pouches are basically like apple sauce pouches—only they’re make with seeds and other fruit puree. I guess they’re sorta like juice (which they have at Target) or a runny smoothie—I wonder what they’d be like in a smoothie. :O Woah. They’re for adults, though; the seeds are easy to choke on, so they’re so not for toddlers or little kids. Mamma Chia’s essentially a grownup version of kids’ pouch snacks.