Slice of June 2017

I was gonna make a cool photo for this shiz, but I’ll have to add one another day. 😶

Just before writing this, I was:

Finishing up Wynonna Earp. To be fair, I wrote the text not relying on today or tomorrow between last week and yesterday, and uploaded the photo yesterday. 💁

This past month:

  • Binged: Anne with an E, Bunheads, The 100, The FlashSupergirl, ArrowDance Academy, Orange Is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, Wynonna Earp
  • Movies: The Diary of Anne Frank, TrollsA Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! Moana, Zootopia, The Way He Looks
  • Read: Under a Summer Sky, Anne of Green Gables (#1), Here and Gone, Dark Deception (review soon)
  • Started reading Anne of Avonlea (#2), Ninth City Burning (#1), Blue Dahlia (#1), Under the Dome
  • Site-related updates and ch-ch-ch-changes:
    • I changed my sidebar blurb ’cause it felt childish/immature and was bugging TF outta me 😒
    • I added social media buttons because I had nowhere else to put them in a way that might grab peeps’ attention/not be in the way
    • obviously my monthly recap series is back 💁
    • all broken links fixed
    • I deleted iThemes Security (plugin) in favor of WordFence, as recommended by Nancy. iThemes Security was driving me mad. 😒

Grandmama went to visit family in Oklahoma, so I had almost the whole month of June to myself—which extended to unrestricted laptop access as detailed in my last Slice of post.

I ate ice cream after 3am, and for breakfast, and for brunch, and for a snack, and for dessert, and to give me something to occupy my mouth and hands with whilst I watched Netflix and mah shows. Should anyone question my choices, I shall answer defensively, “At least I wasn’t biting my nails and/or fingers,” and also: it’s none of your concern.~

I started reading the Anne of Green Gables series because Grandmama has all eight books. #jackpot

I’m trying to read before bed instead of annoying myself to sleep by scrolling through posts on Facebook groups. A lot of the posts on this one blogger’s blog-related group piss me off, never mind the responses to some of those posts. If bad advice/practices aren’t being spewed, someone’s exploiting their knowledge regarding “special needs”, telling me how they pity me because I’m autistic (thus don’t want MY help with anything), or mansplaining and/or using their cis male power to join forces and bury the women down. #ew

This past month, I learned:

I really do prefer being alone—home alone, at least. I like not having to be a 10 when I anything feel less than a 10. I like not having to get dressed into clothes I could probably go to the store in. I felt comfortable with myself, regardless how autistic I may or may not have “looked” or “acted” or whatever—and I think it allows me to be less guarded and defensive, and more myself.

I didn’t keep everything spick-and-span, but that doesn’t mean I’m mental or cannot take care of myself. I still cleaned up, even if I only cleaned the kitchen twice a week maximum. Methods work for different people, but my inability to maintain energy needed to clean on a daily basis does not mean I am going to have a filthy living environment like my mother does (last I heard; their opinion of her are dated).

This past month, I grew annoyed with:

Having to take care of ALL the plants. I’m not going to have many—ever. I’m pretty sure 75 percent of the workload of maintaining this house revolves around watering the plants, and I don’t understand why people would create so much work for themselves.

But that’s OK, ’cause I enjoyed:

Spending time with Solara and listening to Koda’s cover of “Radioactive”.

Today, something that made me happy was:

Grandmama got Taco Bueno and got me two party burritos (beans, cheese, chili sauce) and a party nachos (beans, nacho cheese, chips). 😍💖

Today, something I could’ve done better was:

Nothing, really. I’m dealing with sleep apnea and insomnia again, so that’s a bit of a buzzkill to particular activities requiring this thing called energy—you may have heard of it. When those two things up and decide to throw a party at my expense, I can’t quite control the outcome. 😩 Even if I’m exhausted out of my mind.

Tomorrow, I’m going to:

Try to read more. I’m going really slow with this one book. 😒

In July, I’m gonna make the positive change of:

Working harder toward getting a new laptop. I lazed out because I lost motivation and doubted myself—I’ve lost a lot in my life, shit happens a lot, sometimes I can’t help wondering if there’s even any point in trying. I’m not timing it, but I’m hoping I won’t be stressed out too much until I can make it happen—you know, with the impending this-house-is-gonna-be-on-the-market-next-year.

I think of this as a positive change, because I could get more done if I had my own computer to do stuff on.

…also, I’d like to not forget ADITL next month. Totally slipped my mind, even when it was on it, this month! 😐

One thing on my to-do list is:

  • Descendants #2 (world premiere July 21st)

One pleasant photo from this past month:

Baby Solara and I sleeping
I am such an ugly sleeper. 😂 The cord leading to a turquoise thing is my phone. In the bowl next to it are cry plugs pacifiers. (Photo by Charlise Lee)

After this post, I’m gonna:

Well, I gotta pee, so. 😶

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