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I ordered Enjoy Life’s trial pack because they’ve rebranded their packaging to teal, the color for food allergy awareness. Enjoy Life has also released new products, like Grain & Seed bars, and I’m a bit of a try-before-I-buy gal. For most things. The same cannot be said about Bai drinks, my latest obsession, but it’s mostly for things I’m not sure about.

I’m a picky eater and a supertaster, so can you really blame me for possessing such wariness? I taste the salt in cereal.

Mostly, I wanted the array of things to try without having to think much more about it. They don’t carry samples of everything at the GFAF Expo, either—and I wanted to try it, ever since discovering they had a trial box, before I started recommending other peeps interested in Enjoy Life to try it, because that feels a bit wrong.

Box full of samples

Free from…

Enjoy Life products are free from:

tree nuts*

Includes coconut—by which I mean they’re also free from coconut.

It’s the first free-from company I learned of after I was diagnosed with allergies in 2013. My biggest dilemma was chocolate, which I’m not in love with, but used in granola bars. Thus, Enjoy Life’s been in my life for over five years now. They have yet to disappoint. 😉

I don’t know that they have any competitors in regards to their product lines, or maybe they’re like the Beyoncé of their demographic, because I don’t miss “the real thing”, or whatever. I don’t bite into their cookies and think, “Oh, this is almost as good as the ones filled with all my allergens!”


I don’t know of anyplace you could buy Enjoy Life minis and bars separately, but to find the prices of the contents of this box, I divided the price by the quantity. Calculations based on those listed on the website at time of writing this review, rounded up to the nearest hundredth*, and without any coupons.

*Example: 0.798333… rounds up to 0.80. In the case of the tenth and hundredth already being at 9 for each, it would round up to the nearest dollar. Thus, 0.998 becomes $1.

According to the website, products included in the trial box vary—so yours mayn’t resemble mine.

  • Snickerdoodle Soft-Baked Cookies (full-size box) — $4.79
  • Double Chocolate Brownie Mini Soft-Baked Cookies (1oz) — $0.80
  • Chocolate Chip Mini Soft-Baked Cookies (1oz)  — $0.80
  • Caramel Blondie Chewy Bar — $1
  • Maple Sweet Potato Grain & Seed Snack Bar — $0.93
  • Chocolate Chip Mini Crunchy Cookies (1oz) — $0.80
  • Sugar Crisp Mini Crunchy Cookies (1oz) — $0.80
  • Cocoa Loco Chewy Bar — $1
  • SunSeed Crunch Chewy Bar — $1
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Single-Serve Grain & Seed Single-Serve Bar — $2.19

Total: $14.11

I was nervous as I was putting together the calculations for this, because I was like, “Okay, wait…did I just cut myself fifteen bucks and lose half in the process? But it’s not that big a difference, and I’m not upset about the remaining 89 cents, because it’s still a good opportunity for trying something.

Plus, someone is up at Enjoy Life HQ putting this ish together.

And I got free shipping as part of the trial pack promotion.

They could have made me pay $5.95 for it.

Taste testing thoughts

I’ve already tried the cookies I got. Cocoa Loco and SunSeed Crunch are literally my favorite bars. So that leaves three things to actually review here on my blog, in this post at least.

Overhead view of box with samples
I was sidetracked when I photographed these and didn’t think to get photos of the products when they were spread out for some reason? Also may or may not have been tipsy. 🤷

If you’re curious about my favorite Enjoy Life cookies: Snickerdoodle (soft-baked), Double Chocolate Brownie (soft-baked), Vanilla Honey Graham (I don’t care how they’re made—I would LOVE a soft-baked version, but if it doesn’t happen…I mean, I won’t despise them for it.).

The Maple Sweet Potato Grain & Seed Bar was a bit weird, but it wasn’t bad. I think I’m going to have to try it again—it’s one of those flavors that are like, “I’m good now, but you’re a supertaster, so the odds could probably not be in your favor with me.”

I didn’t expect to like the Caramel Blondie Chewy Bar, but it was really good! Enjoy Life uses their own blend of what I call “the good stuff”, known as Pure Life Balanced Dry Blend™ by them. I know it’s not in everything—but they’ve got a signature taste to their products, and it’s not noticeable to people who aren’t sensitive to such flavors, but it’s one of the reasons I love Enjoy Life so much! It’s that warm taste.

I had Caramel Blondie when I was drunk and craving snacks. (I’m a lightweight, so it’s not that drunk. It’s more like an everything-is-so-HILARIOUS drunk for me, and I’m responsible, ‘k? Drink responsibly. It seems eating a nutritious dinner beforehand did NOT work how I expected it to.) It really helped to balance out the sweetness of the frozen cocktail.

I expected the Chocolate Marshmallow Grain & Seed Single-Serve Bar to be more like the sweet potato bar I tried first, with the flavor of s’mores, but it wasn’t. They don’t sell their S’mores Soft-Baked Bars anymore, sooo I low-key got excited that maybe this one was the new version of that! But it’s not. It’s crunchier, and the flavor is super mild. I tasted the pumpkin seeds more than I tasted the titular flavors.

Environmental impact

As far as the environmental impact of Enjoy Life goes, I like how their packaging is recyclable—the cartons, at least. I don’t know about the rest of their packaging, re: bar wrappers.

Even if the individually wrapped items are not recyclable, it’s still a step in the eco-conscious direction, which I personally appreciate.

Shipping & orders

If you want a trial pack for yourself, they ship worldwide but you’ll need to contact them if international.

Enjoy Life ships with insulated packaging and cold packs when transit routes or destinations have warmer temperatures wherein the chocolate could melt. While it’s hot where I am because TEXAS YA’LL—first and last time I’m doing that on this blog, OK—I was home and brought it in after the FedEx guy ding dong ditched, so my chocolate didn’t have any time to melt.

Still, checking their shipping policies is advised. I mean, I always check shipping policies, but maybe that’s just me. Anyone else get perturbed when they’re not listed?


I think the trial pack is a great way to sample a variety of their snacks without having to buy full-size versions you may not even want in the end, or if an exposition at which they’re represented (like the GFAF Expo) does not happen within your range of transportation. It’s great even if it does happen within your range of transportation, whether you went or didn’t.

Learning about Enjoy Life changed my life five years ago when I saw a store carrying their chocolate chips. However, if this box had existed then, I’d have jumped on it in a heartbeat.

The 89 cents unaccounted for in product makes up for itself—for me, at a time when I was lost and feeling like literally nothing existed and no company understood my allergies, just being able to try so many free-from foods that were chosen from someone else would have been valuable alone. Because it’s that lost feeling in a world that, by default, caters to people who don’t have allergies.

I love how much allergy awareness has grown, and I feel like the teal packaging Enjoy Life uses now will help push that further. It’s a vibrant, can’t-miss-it teal. Not only is it one of my favorite colors, but it’s a color that would stand out in a store full of all the other colors. At least, to me it is…maybe because I have allergies.

Find Enjoy Life @

Have you ever had Enjoy Life? What is your favorite food by them? If not, at least tell me your favorite cookie!

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