Garden update: June 2016

Every time I go outside, I come back with at least one mosquito bite. Joy suggested mint and lemongrass, so I’m gonna see if we can implement some lemongrass into the garden. Lavender is also a good natural pest deterrent, but it gives me a headache because of the sensory input it requires.

Garden update: June 2016, featuring tomatoes

The tomato seedlings died, so, um, Grandmama got some from the store. Some plants do better when you try to grow from old roots instead of seeds, though. Also, it takes a long while for produce to start coming, and…we were struggling to find pots to use for the tomato seedlings. To have raised tomatoes from seeds, we probably should have started the garden in the spring. Maybe if we had started it in the spring instead of in May, we would have stuff to harvest!

The radish also died. Earlier this month, we experienced a lot of rain, which drowned the poor radishes. I think they’d definitely need to remain in a pot inside until their leaves are more than shamrocks if ever attempted to grow from seeds again. We only received four in the seed package, which I think was a bit of a ripoff personally, so we don’t have anymore to plant right now.

(I mean, I’m not upset; I don’t eat radishes…they were just something else to grow and consider eating, but then decide not to eat because, um, what even is a radish? Also, they provide leaves for cucumber bugs to munch on.)

Garden update: June 2016, featuring cucumber and okra

Grandmama got a black tarp of sorts and set it up around the garden. Since these photos were taken mid-June, this picture doesn’t match what it looks like now; I meant to have this post up earlier, but the old server had its own agenda.

Still, it gives you an idea of what the garden looks like. The cucumbers and the okra are really eating up the water; when it rains, they grow. When they’re watered, they grow. The issue? The cucumbers were put closer to to grass so they would have space to spread out as they pleased; instead, they’re leaning towards the okra. ?

July’s garden update will be more update-ish and info-filled. I couldn’t take a ton of photos because Texas heat is too hot.

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Comments on this post

It looks really great, the type of setup that you have. It would be hard to manage a garden. Especially when you have different weather and it damages them. But you keep going and they will get there eventually. 😀

In February I moved into a house and for the first time in my life I’m responsible for a garden and it’s not gone too well. Saying that though, I went on holiday for a week and suddenly the flowers I planted have grown! Clearly I’m doing something wrong!

Hehe, I love radishes! I wish I could have a garden. And eat stuff from it. That’s awesome.