Review: Hallmark cards at Dollar Tree

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Some new greeting card lines arrived at Dollar Tree today. As a frequent shopper there, I’m excited.~ I don’t look at the cards as often as I look at the books, but I do tend to look at their cards more towards the end of the year, because that’s when almost all of the birthdays happen for members of my extended family. I enjoy the variety.

I got to experience three new lines that came to Dollar Tree today.

Expressions by Hallmark

Four greeting cards: wedding, congratulations, two birthday

I personally just like the birthday cards, and while I’ll use the Disney one, I’m likely to keep the white cake on a turquoise stand card to myself. 👌 I’m not sure the envelope colors really fit the “Congratulations” and Disney cards. I would be one of the annoying customers who chooses a different envelope to go with the card. 😅 So Expressions isn’t a total miss with me.

Heartline by Hallmark

Eight greeting cards of various types

Hello, variety! I’m really loving the playfulness of Heartline.~ I tend to go for cards with illustrations, so Heartline is right up my alley! The “Holy COW!” birthday card looks less like an illustration and more like an actual photograph has been used, but I still think it’s cute. I kinda have the urge to pet it, haha. Oh, cows. I miss cows.

I especially like that Heartline cards are 2/$1, the types of cards I typically buy. 😏

Joyfully Yours by Dayspring

Blue card with white decor; says "God knew the world needed a few more smiles, a little more joy, and a lot more LOVE."

The card I received is glittery, and I’m not big on glitter. However, the aforementioned cake card I liked has glitter, so. It’s not a deal-breaker. I do like this card, and I’m curious of the others in the Joyfully Yours line, because I love simple, loving things like this during the hard times/when I feel really down, even if I’m fine on my birthday. I have a hard time reading cursive and don’t favor much the cards that have a lot of text. Even though I read over 20 books a year, I want cards simple. 😅 So I think the simplicity of this one is nice.~

Hallmark Cares

Something I found interesting about these cards was that they’re all made with sustainability in mind, the cards made with paper “from well-managed forests”, and Hallmark has sustainable projects.

Maybe not a factor for many card buyers, but for an eco-conscious gal like myself, it makes me smile when reading things like this! 😊

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That’s funny because I was at Dollar Tree and bought a lot of their Halloween cards, though I had no idea that they are sustainable from their own little forests as you call them. It isn’t that the small people that need to change too much but the companies too. Sure, we can make some impact but the biggest comes from companies and government.

In the end, I love Dollar Tree’s Hallmark cards for any occasion.

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Sameee. I often get two of the same card if I like it too much to give away. 😳

I def agree, though. I think companies should lead the conversation. It makes it easier when you don’t have to, as a consumer, constantly advocate for your favorite companies to carry eco-friendly stuff.

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