Ipsy: May 2019

I’ve decided to skip months where I don’t like the bags or the selection of items. I discovered the existence of this option when I went to unsubscribe, and like it more since I just look at Ipsy spoilers and skip if I’m not interested in taking any chances.

I skipped March due to monetary purposes, but also because I just wasn’t feeling its contents. Then I skipped April, because while I loved the pattern of the bag, I wasn’t into the design of it or its potential contents.

I selected to receive May’s bag because I liked the spoilers for it. I’m also going to be trying something different. Before, I reviewed my Ipsy products the month after receiving them (or tried to), but from now on I’ll be reviewing my Ipsy products after I’ve used them a bit — but still going in the order received.

Beauty products popping out of glittery cosmetic case

I used a white shirt for the background, because I figured the sparkles were enough.

Pretty Woman nail polish in Platinum Status

This shade reminds of when I was in middle school and would painstakingly work to peel the foil off gum wrappers to put on my fingers — the foil-like nail art before polishes were created to do it for me. I love this shade, and it’s been fun to play around with.

Bonus: It’s a great distraction around babies and toddlers because SHINY OBJECTS.

RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herbs

I’ve taken a liking to sheet masks, because I found clay masks messy, but I love this mask! It’s easy to wash off, smells great, and definitely soothes the skin.

Estate Cosmetics eye shade in Schmoney

This green is playful — and one of the reasons I chose to receive May’s bag, as I wanted a chance at it after seeing it in the spoilers! I also love it because it’s got an earthy vibe, and I DO love gardening…

Buxom Cosmetics Full-On Plumping Lip Polish in Clair

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the tingling sensation — it’s a LOT of tingling going on, and how am I supposed to know when the tingling sensation is no longer normal as per the product’s plumping feature, but actually an allergic reaction? So that part was weird.

Then there was the scent — caramel. I’m fine with a caramel frappe once every five years, or the biyearly salted caramel froyo, but caramel is not my most favorite scent in the world. The scent in this lip gloss is powerful; I got a snack an hour later and the scent overpowered the fragrance of the food — which made me lose my appetite (not a good thing for me), because I’m not super into sweets.

Lastly, the color isn’t visible enough on my lips. I could add more gloss, but that makes the scent be even more present. Plus, it starts to feel heavy.

So this was my least favorite sample. (And I also don’t particularly need plumping gloss.)

I kept using it, however, and found it works well when layered. Still, it feels sticky after it’s dried and even worse if I blot. Not a fave, but a bit of an everyday staple when in a rush.

Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pens


I edited my style profile, so hopefully Ipsy will refrain from sending me more black eyeliners. I’ve got so many—this makes #3 they’ve sent me. So I’m a bit disappointed, because how many black eyeliners do I really need? I used to think you could never have too many, but I’m realizing now what people mean when they say they unsubscribed from Ipsy because they weren’t going through their makeup enough.


When I saw that I’d be receiving black, but rose was available in add-on samples, I ultimately deduced that even if I were to receive the mini version of this eyeliner, $3 would be a steal since the typical mini size is $6. I wanted to choose an add-on I’d actually buy for myself, in the event I liked it, and use on a regular basis. I’ve been entertaining the idea of using an adventurous, yet subtle, eyeliner shade for awhile, so this worked as a good push. Plus…there’s something romantic-sounding about “rose glow”.

This eyeliner quickly became my staple eyeliner. It looks great with glasses, whereas my black eyeliner hasn’t always worked in my favor with glasses. The shade provides a softness and I’m so. in. love.

The bag

Ipsy nailed 3/5 regarding what I’m into. I’m going to have Charlise do a decal for the bag that says “SOLARA” and give it to her since she’s always about getting into my bags. The bag just isn’t my style — talk about sensory overload.

Oddly, though, I grew to love this bag’s contents despite my qualms with it — a bit like a happy accident, I suppose.

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