iZombie 4×02: Blue Bloody — when hoity-toity Liv met Clive

My heart wasn’t ready.

Clive looking at Liv
I laughed so hard, and this scene reminded me of when I watch kids who refuse to listen.

It was classic and hilarious until the whodunit reveal, when the side effects of the brain started wearing off and Liv was responsible for her actions…and had a conscience again.

I did enjoy Clive asking Ravi for bedroom advice.

Ravi looking at Clive
He’s so happy and concerned, and it made me laugh and gave me feels.

Last episode, I admired the inclusion of religion — but who would Angus McDonough be if he didn’t ruin all that is good and holy in the world? Everywhere this man walks, he taints the ground and brainwashes everyone on it. Apparently you’re a godlier person if you’re undead and smash the skull of the preacher. God did the work of providing you with brains to eat.

(That’s sarcasm, by the way.)

Based on the pattern of other seasons, I surmise Angus will be the major villain for season four. At first, I thought he’d be a sub plot because he’s just Blaine’s dad, but it seems he may be the tip of the iceberg the makes the humans of the world nuke New Seattle.

Like, that feels like the direction iZombie is headed — the creation of New Seattle, only for it to be completely destroyed. Except where is Chase Graves’s army of peacekeepers in all this? How is Angus able to perform such an undertaking — especially when Blaine, to continue running his businesses, must know all and report back to Chase? Like, Blaine is the eyes and ears of Chase Graves for the entirety of New Seattle, and yet his father has managed to murder humans in cold blood and gather new members for his congregation by parading through the streets.
How do younger zombies work?

One child joined Angus’s cult, and more followed soon after because he gave away free brains, and I’m just wondering because if zombies don’t age, how does that work? Am I the only one who starts to ponder the lifetime of those who have been frozen in time?

Like, in Breaking Dawn when Jacob imprinted on Carlie, everyone judged him profusely because she’s just a child, but the difference there is that she’s going to grow up! She ages! She hasn’t been rendered undead like her vampire relatives!

But I surmise that people, regardless of the outward appearance of their bodies, mature accordingly the more they live on and experience things. The zombie children are going to grow up, even if they don’t look it. Are they going to be infantilized because of their undead bodies? Are they going to be judged when they develop feelings for a zombie frozen in the body of a teenager? And are they going to be allowed to express those feelings — which may include sex?

Someone with connections needs to be asking this stuff, because it’s been bugging me ever since I saw the lone child with long, wavy white hair approached Angus.

On a related note — and I should have included it in the last post — it seems the zombie virus doubles as birth control, but do zombies still menstruate? Because it’s never mentioned. I get that it’s probably totes assumed, but I’m still curious if, in the event of a zombie outbreak, Tampax and Always will still be in business — I’m asking for them, of course. (Unofficially.)

Vampire Steve

What is it about guyliner that makes me suddenly want to have their babies?

Vampire Steve holding up hand towards Liv and Clive
To paraphrase how a friend responded when I posed the same question: It probably makes them look more feminine, and I’m a lesbian.

Played by Kett Turton, Vampire Steve is not a real vampire, but as long as he is in this phase of So You Think You Can Be a Vampire with the eyeliner, I am interested. He’s only been in one other episode of iZombie, but I vote he be included in more.

Here’s another screenshot because why not:

Vampire Steve showing Clive tech
He almost looks like Shane McCutcheon.

Liv and Major, and just Liv and just Major

Four seasons is a lot of time during which a person can change. In this case, we have two people, and they have been through a lot together. But do they make a good couple? It seems they do, when it’s just them versus the world, and they don’t each have their own lives to live.

Liv and Major have changed drastically in their own way, and they always seem to find their way back to each other — only to split up again soon after. I’m curious about the relationship they had before Liv went to the boat party. I surmise it was more perfect than her life now, but were they the on-again, off-again couple everyone roots for in person while they secretly hate them behind the screen?

Because I don’t understand how a couple can change so much in how they behave together. They’re great together in bed, but real world problems keep rocking their epic Henry and Abigail Morgan-esque relationship.

I don’t know how much of it my heart can take, but Liv and Major being on bad terms in only the second episode of this season is probably going to break my heart. #DoNotWant

Major as Chase Graves’ right-hand man

If it’s not Max Rager, it’s Chase Graves. I don’t know who’s worse — the guy with the kill list or the guy with the guillotine. Have we jumped out of the frying pan and into the fryer?

I don’t even know what to think about Major’s character anymore. He means well, but it feels a lot like he spends more time making decisions that turn out to be the wrong ones and never learns from those mistakes. Can’t he see the pattern, or can he not because he’s too close to it??

Liv mayn’t be the best zombie out there, but Major needs to reevaluate his blind spot. Instead of focusing on policing borders within the bordered New Seattle, why not be trying to build trust with humans outside the wall? Why not be focusing on drafting up a treaty that allows humans to come and go as they please. They’ve got family outside the wall!

But no. They can’t. When will they bloody realize they’ve been quarantined?

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