Juice Box Chicks

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My paternal family gets together a lot as much as they can. It’s busier the older everyone gets, and some members can’t get off work.

But when this side of my family does get together, there is organization admist the chaos. We have assigned seats, or at least a general idea of where everyone will sit. To make the seating arrangement more fun for the latter generations table, cutesy seasonal place settings decorate the tables.

I’ve been wanting to put something cute together for it, but at the same time not be cheesy about it. I like the recognition for doing something, but dislike a big deal being made out of things I do to be kind—it’s just a part of me, and I want to do a cute place setting. 👌

The place settings are usually sweet treat cups, but I don’t like to fill kids up on candy. 😅 Their grandmother can do that ish. Sisters and cousins? We do a mix of both.

For my first time, I decided to make juice box chicks. I considered bunnies, but I dig chicks more. Also, seeing bunnies everywhere every Easter kinda freaks me out. 😳 (Anyone else always scream and cry around the Easter bunny??)

Black and white image of two juice box chicks

These juice box chicks are super easy to make and don’t take a lot of effort—which is a huge win all around, because kids couldn’t care less for a lot of frill. The kids getting my juice box chicks don’t know how to appreciate cutesy table decor—they just like the treats. But that’s not to say I don’t find them utterly adorable—like, I’m not that keen to give them to the chiidren.

(Even my grandmother, who seemed a bit sketchy about the whole idea, even found it cute. But also, why was she so surprised? 😅)

Because these are for kiddos, I didn’t want to spend a lot on them. I mean, honestly? I’m cheap and don’t like spending a lot if I don’t have to, so this isn’t like it’s a special occasion or anything. Point is, this is a cute, cheap craft. I personally like how it doesn’t use seasonal materials, but can be made year-round—we’ve lots of kids in this fam, which means lots of birthday parties.

Tablet of construction paper, three Juicy Juice apple juice boxes, a collection of 3-D sticker spots, and zebra scissors

I used basic stuff—construction paper, stickers, glue and tape.

Although I made a video of the process, when I loaded it onto my lappy, it read 00:00:00 and said “File not found”. I was so gonna GIF it?? So disappointing.

I shopped for these things at Dollar Tree ’cause I’m cheap, but they have a lot of good quality stuff there.

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