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I intended to post more this year, but all I’ve done is let my blog go. I’m pouring most of my energy into s/c, because it’s something I’ve been passionate about for several years but never had the motivation or skill set to go through with it. My priorities have changed, basically.

Vanilla ice cream + chocolate morsels + crushed graham crackers

Although I love writing, I’ve been keen to experiment with more visual mediums. It’ll be awhile before I can actually do that, but…I guess that’s where my headspace is. When you blog as long as long—or as much—as I have, the words begin to overlap and stories repeat. I can write fiction and never grow bored, but I feel as though I’ve exhausted many of the words relatable to my life story as it is possible to share up until now. Everything I’ve to write about my life is stuff I can’t safely share without facing a lot of backlash.

Other days, I just…I feel really, really ugly. I have curves and my boobs are growing, but my inner thighs chafe, and this isn’t something I’ve had to be used to in forever. My fluctuating body in ED recovery is consuming all my time. Initially, I thought I’d be able to document my journey through it, but there are some scenes I don’t want to relive and write about. I didn’t understand before starting it, when I craved for more details, but I get it now.

I also have a particular special interest consuming more of my time (s/c), possibly because the aesthetic of it is one of my kinks.

Of course, don’t misunderstand—an apology this is not. It’s just what I’ve been up to lately.~

1. For the time being, I’m intending to publish at least one post weekly.

First of all, this feels more doable than my initial post schedule proposal, no? I also will avoid abandoning Janepedia completely, at the same time figure out a way to respond to comments and add more time for myself to spend reading other blogs.

Priorities, okay.

2. I’m officially working on blogprompt.xyz 2.0.

I adopted the project from Kassy last year and am renaming it to logprompt.me. More details later, but this is also consuming my attention.

3. I’m journaling.

Part of the reason I’ve so little to say lately is because it’s all going into my journal. When I was a kid, I couldn’t have a journal because my mom would tear up my room trying to find anything I’d written. I had zero privacy. Now that I have it, it’s strange yet cathartic. I also find it a great way to continue expressing myself via the written word.

There’s a story I want to share about myself in the future, when the time is right, and I think journaling will be a handy reference tool for that.

So that’s me lately! What’s going on with you lately?

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I’m pretty keen on seeing the new log prompt website. 🙂 I remember using something like it called “The Friday Five,” which was novel when it started – but as time went on I found the prompts too unrelatable for me.

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I love that you’ve been journaling lately. I have picked it up again myself which makes blogging seem redundant sometimes. I’m working on that though! One post a week is definitely doable. I think we always want to add more to our schedules, and then we get down on ourselves. Love the doable goals and self reflection vibes you’ve got going on here!

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I am glad you have figured out what you want to talk about and what not. Have a great week ahead.

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I’m on similar boat when it comes to blogging vs journaling. I find that lately I don’t need to share anything with the online world and find great solace in just writing things out. I’m looking forward to your blog prompt site!

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