Ipsy: February 2019

Slightly before March, I decided to pause my Ipsy subscription, because it gets costly going month after month if you’re not fully using the stuff you’re getting. Only in April did I actually make it through the whole bag. 😅

Fortunately, this month’s glambag was a great one to go out on, because I’m enjoying it greatly!

Blue jean background; pink lipstick lip pattern bag; contents of bag (listed below) beside and atop bag

I used the back of a long-sleeved blue jean button-up for the backdrop to create subtlety and take not away from the contents of the bag. While I’m loving it, the feed bag backdrop’s still my fave.

Sur.Medic Sheet Mask Duo: Vital-Collagen & Age Control-Multi Vita

These had a strong scent reminiscent of a perfume I had in middle school, akin to rosewater.

The holes for my eyes, nose and mouth didn’t align perfectly, so trying to fit it on my face was difficult. I think my high cheekbones complicated matters, also, because alignment worked well until I had to position it over my eyes. Alternatively, I also could have made it fit well if I shaped my mouth an “O”, but who can hold that position for long??

Thus, I wasn’t a fan of these. I think they’re made for smaller faces, or for people with flatter or smaller features. I have pretty small eyes, as I’ve been told repeatedly, but the eye holes still did not fit without part of it being on an eyelid—which is inadequate for me, because I dislike heavy things on my eyes; it’s why I don’t even use sleep masks…plus other reasons.

There was an incident in sixth grade, in a bedroom that was pitch black if the window shutters were closed a certain way. Long story short, I felt all around it and could not find the door; I couldn’t see anything, so I couldn’t even make out where I was. I screamed, but my bedroom was at the opposite end of the house as my mom’s so I was screaming for a long time. I’d awaken from a nightmare, so to actually be living in one was frightening.

So it’s a big of a PTSD thing, the fear of me not having my sight; it comes with too many horrendous memories.

Chella Eyeliner Pen in Purple

This pen is darker than I’d expect, but I like how easily and smoothly it goes on.

I’m not sure I like the applicator, as there is less control of how it goes onto my eyes. It feels like I’m trying to apply eyeliner with a long-bristled paintbrush.

Sucks, because I do enjoy how the purple tint allows for some color without being too overbearing.

Kokie Cosmetics Be Bright Illuminating Concealer in Light

I’m always iffy about concealers, because my experience with them has not been good. I’m also perturbed by the societal expectation of women wearing concealer in the first place, like a person is only worthy if they haven’t acne. Regardless of health concerns, I think we spend too much time dehumanizing people with acne struggles of any kind, when we don’t even know their story. The biggest contender for me in regard to acne is allergies; the second is hormones being all out of whack because eating disorder woes.

So I’m obviously picky about this ish, yeah? However, I quite like this concealer. I like how I can dab the applicator onto the area of choice and not need to use much of it to get the job done. It’s foolproof, because it doesn’t stand out much afterward. I get that that’s how concealer’s supposed to work, but I desperately went through several shades and brands in middle school to no avail. The concealers I’ve tried have always been chalky after drying, appearing like a scab to my face. This one doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin.

I like the shape of Kokie Cosmetics’ concealer, because it’s the size of a lip gloss with an applicator like lip gloss. I also like that it’s only $8, as compared to other concealers I’ve seen beauty bloggers recommend. This is definitely something I’ll have to refill.

In the future, I’ll likely need to go up a shade to “medium light”, because the color is too fair for my skin and takes a bit of time for me to blend it in (and then I wind up having to conceal where it doesn’t blend in, until I can blend it in better).

Laqa & Co. Prickly Pear pH Gloss

This is so awesome! I’ve tried it atop other lip colors, but I prefer it over my bare lips (or slightly lip-balmy lips). I think I get a new custom lip shade every time I use this! It makes choosing a casual lip color easier.

ALSO: I love the price of this thing: totally worth the $5, but I do wish the full-size was available!

F.A.R.A.H. Brushes: Powder Brush 50F

This is my favorite makeup brush I’ve received yet. It’s easy to handle and lightweight, at the same time offering style. The bristles are baby-soft. I’m smitten with it.

The bag

Ah, how I loved my dark hearts bag. I’ve used it so much that it’s becoming obvious and recently, yet temporarily, retired it in favor of this lipstick lips one. It’s bit enough to hold what I want it to, even though it doesn’t fit into my purse (though to be fair, I also use a backpack as a purse, so I’ve got options). The zipper handle is rubber, rather than metal; the zipper teeth are plastic. Hopefully this means it will be able to withstand more wear-and-tear than that of a metal zipper handle losing its paint?

Have you tried any of these things? Thoughts on purple eyeliner??

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