Jane Lately v.48

1. I’ve been living Princeton for about a month now and am almost all moved in.

I still have a lot of stuff to bring over that I’ll then purge, honestly. My priorities have all changed; I’m realizing what makes me happy and the way I want to live doesn’t match other people’s — and that’s okay.

For example, on the wall across from my bed is my bookshelf. Natural light from my window pours into my room in the mornings, since I crack the shades open just enough for that. The placement of my bookshelf allows for plenty natural lighting!

Although we have a set electric bill, I don’t use my light much throughout the daytime.

My desk is next to my window; it’s what I see to my left. I decided on this because it’s the perfect spot for natural lighting for photos! And I quite love photographing inanimate objects and scenery.

My room isn’t all sorted yet, so I’m not giving a room tour yet.

2. I’m either cleaning, reading, sorting or swimming.

I don’t play games on my phone as much as I used to, or would like, but I’m reading more — such is usual ’round this time of year — and have been going to the pool weekly for the past three weeks.

The great thing about a) being an adult, b) being virtually jobless and c) school season having started back up: no one is at the pool during the daytime.

4 FT 0 IN sign, half deep in water

Also, no one goes swimming when it’s been raining. I don’t blame them, because it makes the heated pool feel too cold. And, like, the heated effect is a huge reason I go; it’s like a giant hot tub, which is something I’ve literally been dreaming of ever since I started taking baths again and realized how relaxing they were.

I just need to find a better top, because the style of mine hurts my shoulders and back, and is a pain to remove.

And because no one else is in the pool but us?? I can take pictures with my phone without people looking at me like I’m a Millennial who’s never heard of a book. Like, hello people, I have a blog, and I like taking photos for it, and I’m trying this new thing where I take photos and share them instead of taking zero photos and using random, impersonal stock images.

I mostly just float in the pool. 🤷‍♀️ It’s like laying on heated air and quite pleasant, so long as my swimsuit doesn’t fart.

Swimming daily would be lovely, but my feet are swollen AF; it feels like my bones are moving with every step, and my inner ankles are tender to touch. Swimming makes me forget about this, but there is always the walk to and fro.

From where I stand in 4 inches' deep pool water; unpainted toenails

I find swimming therapeutic for my headaches and general body pain, and to provide a neutral environment for my autistic stims.

Once I have steady income, I’m going to buy a bicycle so I can ride it where I need to go.~ Seems pointless to waste gas going to the pool, at the same time providing a pleasant, convenient form of transportation. 🚲

Just two things this update! What’s life been like for you? What are you reading lately? What show have you been hooked on?

P.S. An important update in my character development: I now respond to Mama.

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