Solara: Mama!


Solara: Mama!

Me: It’s Liz.

Solara: Mama!

Me: Liz.

Solara: Mama!

Me: Solara, can you say “lih”?

Solara: Lih

Me: Now can you say “zzzz”?

Solara: zzzz

Me: Now say Lihzzzzz.

Solara: Nn nn. Mama!

Me: πŸ˜‘

Solara: Mama!

Me: What? πŸ€—

Solara: Hi! 🀣


Solara: Memaw!

Me: I’m not Memaw, I’m Mama.

Me: No — I’m Liz. Man, child. You’ve got me confused now. It’s too late for this.

Starting a new thing to where I take conversations out of context. They’re like bite-sized peeks into my life.

Solara and I are cousins, I’m constantly trying to get her to say some variation of my name, and yet she still calls me “Mama”.

Caucasion toddler looking at photographer and giggling, while holding Playdough in hands
How does one deny this cutie when (I surmise) she only calls me it because she loves me??

It’s weird because I don’t have kids and honestly thought my future adopted child would be the first to call me any variation of maternal affection, but here we are. 🀷

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That seems very cute! Kids can be adorable sometimes.

I left comments on your last two blogs but they aren’t showing up.

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Solara is so cute with calling you mama, haha. I mean she sees you as a mother-like figure, so embrace it while she still calls you mama. I am still waiting for my coworker’s daughter to call me auntie. Kids are the cutest.

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Yes. πŸ˜… Today I tried something similar, i.e.

Me: Can you say “lih”?
Her: Lih
Me: “zzzz”?
Her: zzzz
Me: Lihzzzz
Her: Mama!

I kinda just accept it now. I read on some places that it’s good for her development, means she feels loved, and is being well-nurtured — it’s just taking a bit to get used to. πŸ˜… Charlise has been pimping me out to other people in our neighborhood Facebook group, saying that I’m like her daughter’s second mama, which apparently instills trust. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Plus…she’s just too cute, lol.

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