Jane Lately #50: Closet cull & adulting

I’m home! You probably don’t know this — because I didn’t advertise it — but I went away from home during the second week of this month, staying with the family I nanny for to help the dad out.

Unaware of the family’s stance on the LGBTQ+ community, I’ve run into many situations where I’ve wanted to be like Cosima pretending to be a straight woman:

As a lesbian...
© Orphan Black

So, yeah, I’m so happy to be home! I missed Solara so much and realized how I take for granted my living with her. I love her loads. I told Charlise I was going to be her favorite cousin before I even realized she imprinted filially on me.

It was difficult to eat away from home and also keep my bloating down. I felt awkward eating their food. It’s hard to explain, but is probz part of my ED recovery (as most things are…)

1. Thrifted bedding = best mix-and-match potential

I love thrift stores, because there are almost always gems in the mix somewhere. I bought a new outfit of pink LulaRoe leggings and a matching long LulaRoe top — a happy accident. Additional clothes: swim shorts (especially perfect for when you run out of clean undies, reusable pantyliners, and have zero spoons for laundry — or are just hot from this heat and need to let go and let breathe), comfy wide shoulder top, black LulaRoe leggings with white diamond lines.

I purged my closet when I got home of all that which a) doesn’t fit, b) makes me feel like I look like a whale, and c) is the old me.

But my most fave find? The almost-silky zebra pillowcase, textured grey-backed blush pillowcase, the decorative turquoise pillow case, the teal fitted sheet, and the mustard-and-white hexagonal top sheet.

Like, this saved me so much searching across Amazon, Target and Walmart for the things I so wanted, but just couldn’t find!

I’ve since decided to focus my bedding decor efforts on standard pillows and cases, rather thn decorative pillows.

I intend to have a seating area/reading nook, so am heavily considering a small couch for my room, and figure decorative pillows would be perfect for that instead.

2. Adulting is hard and expensive, but money is awesome and lovely.

Groceries are expensive, but I’m learning to meal plan and budget.

I’ll figure it out…eventually.

I’ve started applying for jobs nearby, for full-time positions, because contrary to what the presumption probably is about my living situation with my cousin: I pay rent. I also want to save up money in general, build my credit, get at least a cash car ASAP — basically, I’m interested in living a life where money is not in charge. Like, I’m so tired of being paranoid — if asking myself if I have enough to afford blank — and just want not to have to worry about it.

Maybe that means I stop babysitting, which…I never signed up for anyway.

3. Lately, I spend my time…

Selfie of me smiling while a baby is asleep on my shoulder

  • Holding Iah because bABIES 😍
  • Reading, because it’s that time of year again~
  • Religiously practicing self-care, because it is the opposite of self-harm
  • Saying, “Alexa, flatter me,” and, “Alexa, fart.”

Until next time!

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Teehee @ your requests to Alexa.

I’m also super jealous of your thrift store finds. (We call them op shops over here, by the way.) Some of my favourite clothing items were op-shopped. 😊

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