Jane Lately #57: Various internet-y things

1. I created graphics for my Jane Lately column!

I’ve tried others and none made me happy quite like these do πŸ™‚ I did screw up with the first one (this one), for it was supposed to go in rainbow order, but it’ll cycle out eventually.

They’ll only appear on this blog in the post listing cards, not in the actual blog posts.

Collage of numbered Jane Lately cover graphics
The green shade was giving me trouble, so I chose turquoise.

I played with pale colors, to complement the new blog theme where possible, because I wanted them to stand out better and not look like “regular” content, since they’re life updates about myself/life and not the ish to be doled out on the typical. No two graphics are likely to be the same exact HEX code, because whilst I kept the color scale dot at one type of shape, I slid it every time instead of using specific HEX codes.

From the collage above, you can gather I created a bunch in advance — this is because I batch; it’s much easier to

  1. Create similar graphics in one sitting, and
  2. Save, rename & upload graphics in one sitting.

Sometimes I do this in the same day, or one day apart; other times, I do it a whole week or so apart; it just depends on where my mind’s at and what I’ve got going on.

I find it relaxing.

2. Living in an apartment is equal parts stressful and superb.

I enjoy living on my own, but it’s expensive no matter how you spend your money (and I haaate spending money on even the things I need). I’m constantly surprised I even manage to feed myself on a semi-regular basis.

Some things my family raised concerns about based on the way I lived my life under their reign roof:

  • Things get messy, dishes pile up, dirty laundry builds, clean laundry lives in baskets for weeks — but I do not live in a horrendous mess. Eventually, I will clean it.
  • I eat what I want, when I want & how I want it. I don’t follow dieting rules and apply morals to food. I eat a lot of food, and keep soda and ice cream and chips and candy on standby — and contrary to popular presumption, I do not binge on it, which I presume is because I know it’s there and that it’s mine and it’s not going anywhere just because someone has realized I’m not eating on it right then and there. I can stock up as I want to, even if I don’t want it right then, so I can have it for when I do.
  • I’m not ashamed or embarrassed when someone sees messiness in my apartment, because if they have issues with the cleanliness, they’re not the company I want, anyway. I don’t have problems with bugs, mold, or smell. It never gets that bad. Sometimes it gets so bad you can barely walk outside of a path, but…so what? I have shit going on in my life that is more important than the cosmetic aspects of my life sometimes.
  • Like, I’m not fully unpacked yet. Unless you’ve lived in your place over a year, I presume you’re not, either.

3. I rebranded! & there’s a new theme

Screenshot of index page of That Adult

Georgie redesigned my blog!

About midway, I decided to rebrand to That Adult because Janepedia doesn’t fit my blog anymore. I might explain in detail more later, but the gist is that I was determined to establish who I was and control my personal brand both on and offline, because I’ve been struggling to do it since I was a kid — and I got lost in the midst of that. I also got a lot of messages from random men who felt they needed to tell me I’m beautiful. One wanted to pimp me out to his girlfriend…

All it did was imply to other people that I would “on” even when I didn’t have the spoons for it, and it fucked me over.

hej.gay is blocked by Facebook & Instagram, because their buggy algorithm mistakenly presumed it breaks community guidelines even though the only difference was in the domain name.

I’ve contacted them, to no avail. This puts a damper on things because it will mean that, even if I don’t advertise on Facebook or Instagram, people can’t link to my blog through it — even if they use Bitly or another redirect source. 😀

So fuck Facebook, then, amiright? I’m not gonna change my blog/domain name just because of a faulty algorithm. Permanent bans have to be done by people, so it should eventually run out on its own?

Anyway, more info on the rebrand is in a previous post!

4. Follow me on Instagram @wearethatadult for general blog/life-y updates

My site is blocked, but I’m still posting here and there.

I put @ijanelively on private mode for now. I separated it because too many men “felt the need” to message me and tell how beautiful I am, or my feet are, and??? dafuq.

Until next time. ✨

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Your new theme is amazing. πŸ™‚ Georgie is so good at what she does.

Those graphics that you made are so good! Such a unique idea too for these kinds of blog posts.

I’m sorry your website was blocked by FB & Insta’s filters. That is crappy of them. It is one of the reasons I deleted my FB account. I choose to stay away from FB.

I agree with you about apartment life. I live in a *not so great* part of town in a really secure building and my downstairs neighbors would smoke weed and get incredibly loud until like 12am or 1am. I reported them so many times. They still get loud sometimes but it is incredibly rare and I haven’t smelled weed in at least a month. THANK GOD. I’ve tried weed and I hate the smell and hate how much you cough. My husband tried it and with the amount he took and his Autism he was high for a month, no joke. My ex-friend that lives up here in Cleveland told him to take a whole 4ft bong and he didn’t know any better and their stuff was super pure. He was high for a month and that month was one of the worst ones of our marriage. Not for fighting or anything, but just because it was so INCREDIBLY draining for both of us. At least it faded eventually.

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Thanks. πŸ˜‰ She really is! I just tell her what I want, and she brings it to life.~

I use Facebook to keep up with family and friends, and what’s going on in my city. I don’t watch the news, and there’s no adequate replacement for it.

My neighbors also smoke, but I’m certain it’s a mix between cigs and weed because cigs smell worse to me. I’m 420-friendly, I just hate the taste/smell when smoking it, so…pass. Regarding autism, weed tends to remove what is known as masking (purposely learning neurotypical behaviors to mimic them in social situations so they’re less likely to be rejected).

Autism has nothing to do with the residual highness that happens after cannabis, because that’s not how autism works. Different strains affect different people, and if he had more than he could handle?? his body needed time to make up for it. I don’t know the whole situation, but I do know that it’s not specifically autistic people who experience that, and…again, that’s not how autism works.

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Understandable. Facebook is a good place for local news. I watch Philip DeFranco on YT sometimes but most of the time I get it from family members I see in person once a week. Other than that, I don’t care much about the news. It is too depressing.

Good to know. I’m still learning A LOT about Autism and I don’t consider myself an expert by any means. It was probably just the fact he had too much, I’m not sure. We will never be sure because that isn’t something you can measure.
I just know that was SO ANNOYING. lol

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