Jane Lately #60

1. I learned how to add Easter eggs to my blog.

Metaphorical ones.

My DID coming out post spells DAMN.

The X-looking logo is a J and L, for Jane Lively. J and L crossed to make X

Konami code (⬆⬆⬇⬇⬅➡⬅➡🅱🅰) leads you to special pages, per my discretion. Thanks to Georgie Mandis, it is mobile-friendly — just swipe ⬆⬆⬇⬇⬅➡⬅➡ and tap twice!

Just some fun things 🙂 I do often purposely spell out drop caps in certain posts if you’re into subtle symbolism.~

2. I’ve low-key started apartment hunting.

My next apartment’s gonna be called a spinster flat. I considered calling it a bachelorette pad, but after looking at photos of that, it’s much too feminine for me.

I’m definitely not staying in this complex.

My non-negotiable amenities in an apartment are washer and dryer hookups, and pet allowance. The complex I’m looking at has a few pleasant floor plans within my budget and pet deposit, but no pet rent! The location is about the same distance from work without being too far into old Greenville, or the area Greenville forgot. Going forward, six-month leases are the way I’ll be going, for one-year leases result in a special kind of contractual hell escapable only by harming my credit.

I’ve budgeted my future bedroom after creating a mood board and brainstorming what I’d do to my bedroom if money weren’t an issue and I didn’t care what others thought of me or it. I’m keen to make it a reality at my spinster flat.

This apartment never quite felt like home. I hated it from the start and viewed living here as temporary from the get-go. I hate this town, but I don’t want to move so far from the job I just got yet — living ten minutes away is a lovely commodity that I definitely don’t take for granted. Staying so close to my workplace will allow me to save my money instead of putting it towards gas, and I’d really like to create side income via something on the internet because it’s honestly all I’ve got the energy for these days.

This complex charges $300 for a non-refundable pet deposit and $30 for pet rent — per pet, two max. I chose this apartment complex specifically for the pet allowance, but never got a cat due to the high price of it all and the fact that living wages are not normalized in a shitty economy — further frustrating and depressing me, for I really fucking wanted kitty company for my emotional and mental well-being.

I’ll have never unpacked my books in this apartment. Can you imagine a year without your books, games, or whatever a dear collection of yours is? Definitely not homey.

3. I’m officially vaccinated for COVID-19.

Although I was instructed not to by some medical professionals due to the high risk of sensitivity or a reaction, I decided to get the Moderna because work provided it and I was tired of the face masks. I know it’s such an unpopular thing to say, as the majority of peeps claimed they’d wear their face masks well after vaccination, but it’s bloody fucking true. I wanted to be able to wear lipstick again without it smudging.

First dose, I was mostly tired and itchy, with headaches. Second dose, I experienced a lot of vertigo, which caused nauseousness and migraines. After I shut off my car coming home from work, I freaked out because it felt like it was rolling backwards; it hadn’t moved a bit. The next day, I had to take one step at a time down the 15-step staircase to avoid falling and fell up the stairs on the way back to my apartment after using the laundromat, where I struggled to maintain balance and stability. Day after that, I intended to go into work on a day off to get all my hours, but alas…every hour I awoke in hopes of getting ready for work, the room spun all around me.

I was hot, and I was cold, and by the time I found my zip-up hoodie, I was hot again.

The side effects mostly dissipated that evening, but it was still a pain. I mid-key regretted getting the doses each time; the only thing that kept me going was that my second dose was the second dose of the two-dose Moderna vaccine, ergo the last dose.

Until next time.~

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