Jane Lately #61: I’m not a Kit Kat bar.

I need a break. I haven’t been active much around these parts because shit.

It's not that I'm frazzled. It's just that...no, I'm frazzled. Yeah.

Currently, I…

  • am preparing for another move after my lease is up in December, this time closer to my maternal family. 😌
  • don’t have anything to post most days, with all that has been happening. Lamenting on my everyday worries only makes me worry more, and I aim to stress less.
  • spend most days watching TV, playing video games and writing down content ideas in a notebook to make use of at a later date — when my current stresses are no more.
  • want to figure out what exactly it is I want to do on the internet as a creator. To achieve most of the things, I need to learn and improve certain skills. I’m aiming for presentable, not perfect.


I may post some hiatus “intermissions”, featuring CSS recipes I make. I want to play around with making food and everyday items out of CSS. I know it sounds silly and pointless, but I do know I wanted CSS versions of certain images I’d use in my online trading card games to reduce the amount of images required to load. ✨

Some autism-related posts in progress sit in my drafts and may be published here and there on my hiatus, but I’m not promising anything. Writing doesn’t interest me right now, and I really want to paint, but it’s not moving-friendly — so painting with CSS it is. I also just care about TV and games right now, as they help me unwind.

We’re playing more with TikTok, and if you’re genuinely interested and go into it with an open mind, you can follow us at @thefreyajane for ND-related lifestyle content.

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