Life Update #13

I’ve been MIA for various reasons.

  1. I’ve been really stressed lately. Like, super stressed. Like, I-would-rather-just-sleep-24/7-and-cry-and-dream-and-watch-House M.D.-stressed. /zzz
  2. I sort of despise the holidays. /holly Ugh. But we knew this already.
  3. Because of stress, I’ve not been able to do anything sitely, and I’ve also failed to complete/write the story I was going to post on Halloween. /ghost Oops. I’ll still write it, just… stressed. x.x
  4. I might be dealing with ovarian cysts again. Fun fact! Something I’m not so proud of: I don’t have the ability to go to the doctor like I used to because I’m insurance-less. TL;DR: I’ve been having cycle-related issues, and irregular cycles fucking suck; the end. /wtf
  5. I’m going to just open the food blog. I don’t care if it doesn’t follow a routine or anything. My blog, my way, my rules. I’ve been blogging for almost five consecutive years now, and I play with those SEO “rules” all the SEO experts say to take seriously. -.- I’m pretty sure I can make a food blog that doesn’t follow stupid rules and it still work. If that means one recipe’s added per month, then so be it. When I leave sites sitting, incomplete like that, I lack motivation to keep them going. First few recipes will use Halloween candy, so save, like, 17 fun-sized M&M packages, your Smarties® (maybe about 15 rolls), and some fun-sized Twix bars (approximately 12, 14 to be safe) if you think you’ll want to take part in recipes like those. /cookie
  6. As much as I’d love to do /santahat holiday cards this year, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do them. I’m saving my money for my phone bills and for health insurance, which will allow me to get back into therapy, back on allergy shots, and out of the fear of getting so sick I-might-need-to-go-to-the-ER-sick. I think the latter has been stressing me a ton, and having to drop therapy cold turkey really screwed a lot of things up for me. However, if you so wish to send me one, I won’t oppose. :*

Also, this happened:

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Comments on this post

Screw the rules and blog the way you want! I think if you feel like you have to force yourself to follow some rules, then you’ll feel less inclined to maintain the website.

Liz, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been so stressed. Let me know if there’s anything I can do (I know I’m across the country, but a texting buddy sometimes helps me when I’m feeling stressed out. :))

As for the women’s health issues, do you have a planned parenthood somewhere nearby? Or some type of clinic? Sometimes they can offer treatment or exams for a very low charge (even if you have no insurance).

As for the holidays…they are bittersweet. I wait for them to come, but I do find myself “blue” around holiday time…moreso since Keith and I moved out. Do you see members of your family that aren’t exactly pleasures to be around? Sometimes that can do it!

(I sent you my # on Twitter. :3 …even though I do suck @ texting. :x) Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to. c:

We do, but the symptoms finally went away. I upped my daily intake of Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium and Magnesium to 300%, and I’m really fine now. 😀 I could have been a nutrition thing. 🙁 Gah. I think that that was the problem, because I did lose thirty pounds in a week right before my health started to drop significantly. 😡 Oops.

I think a lot of my stress comes from family. 🙁 I’m saving up so I can move out, though. I feel like moving out would/will allow me to get back into therapy, which will help me manage my life independently like the independent person I am. :3

Don’t worry! Just do things your way! Just take things super slow and breathe. You’ve got this. And I’d like to see your food blog! I’ve been gone for such a long time that I don’t even remember you wanting to open a food blog!

Wow. I’d be tired too if I had your blogging schedule. OMG how do you keep up, but also congratulations on being a blogger at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo!!!

I’ll look forward to your food blog:~)

Oh no :(. I hope you’ll get the stress out of the way soon as well as hoping everything will go well for you. Do what you have to do to take care of yourself first annnnnd cards can come later :D.

Definitely do the food blog!! Blogs don’t need to follow some sort of routine. Let the naturalness flow and everything will be 1000x better! With your skillz, I’m sure you can make things work.

You’re going to the expo? Have fun!!!

I’m an official blogger. :p I have to go both days. XD Thanks!

I despise the holidays as well. Can’t wait for January 2nd, when they are over with.

Aw Liz! ._.
I have been stressed too for different reasons. I am also terrified of going to the doctor’s. Not sure what it is but every time when I need to go to the doctor’s, I always bail out and if I am ever going to the hospital, I get so pale.

And speaking of a blogging routine, I have been having blogger’s block lately. It’s so hard to blog since I have so many ideas to write about. But when I do write it, I get blanked out. I will be definitely interested in reading your food blog since I love cooking most of the time. 😀

I despise going to the hospital a lot more than the doctor’s. 🙁 Thanks to allergies and doctors favoring certain medications (especially birth control, which can be used for more than a mere contraceptive), I’m often turned away because I allegedly “denied treatment”, but what am I supposed to say? “Oh, sure, let me just use that medication anyway, even though it has two life-threatening allergens of mine,” or, “Yeah! I’d love to try that again, because there are ‘different ones’, etc., even though they all contain the same allergens and the medication doesn’t work”?

I hate the IVs. D: Those are probably the worst. Nurses aren’t always nice. D;

I hate going to both actually. D:
In the past, I couldn’t swallow pills and so whenever I had to get medicine, I always opted for the syrup despite sometimes, it can be pretty bad.
I never had an IV either at a hospital but yeah sometimes nurses will come to my school for vaccinations and some of them isn’t that nice at all. I heard stories where nurses forced some of my classmates to watch what they are doing.

D; Ah, the idea of shots at school always made me weary. 🙁