Lizard Finds vol. 2

I’ve been stimming and dealing with tics a lot more lately with the reunion/Oklahoma road trip approaching. I’m not looking forward to it still, but what can I do? This post is a scheduled one, by the way. ^^; By the time you read it, I’ll be in Oklahoma. I posted on Medium how I feel about this. :/

In other news, I changed my Twitter handle again. But I wanted to change it to the one it currently is now when I changed it to @iLizdarling. @thejanelively is what it will stay as. <3

The finds

  • It’s so two years ago, but I only recently stumbled upon this post about the ridiculousness that is “appropriate stimming”.
  • Not quite a find, but if you’re a member of Zigative, there’s an important post about a survey with a giveaway incentive here. 😡
  • People are constantly evolving. When things change, we contradict ourselves; that doesn’t make us liars.
  • Sarah’s post on not needing to launch everything at once made me realise I don’t need to do everything at once, either, even if it’s a project.
  • Do you read Paul Magazine? At the time of writing this (and hopefully still when it publishes), you can currently pre-order the summer issue. It’s a beautiful food magazine, okay? Okay. (Here’s a preview.)
  • I can’t stop singing “The Hanging Tree” in my head. I may have choreographed a routine to it in less than a week. (Let’s be real: I totally choreographed a routine to it in less than a week.)
  • Speaking of choreography, I taught myself this routine. :* I need to find a dance studio I can go to, geez. >.>
  • I really do believe autism will make the world better. My cousin, for example, has a greater understanding of people who are different and alternative communication because of me. This post on Medium really touched my heart. “I am autism. And I will make you better. I will make your family better. If you let me, I will make the world better.”

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Comments on this post

I hope everything goes well with your trip *sending hugs and positive vibes to you* As for boards, I need to get back on there. I’m hoping with the summer break I’ll have time to do that! <333 The dance routine makes me miss my studio. Do you have a place like the YMCA that offers dance? Usually those classes are very budget friendly and they offer lots of different kinds.